Canary oh Canary / Press

“Formed by the luck of the draw during a Rock Lotto event in 2010, a moody mixture of Krautrock and surf guitar lines, this acclaimed local trio now features Josie Davis on bass, Michael Harl on guitar and vocals and Mark Hutcherson on drums. Harl describes this song via email as coming together during the height of last year's political campaign barrage and Occupy movement. "It evolved into a commentary on our current political system that is fraught with personal agenda driven politicians and voter apathy," he writes. "It's a wake-up call for fellow citizens to pay attention and make efforts to gain control of a country that is spiraling away from the needs and calls of its people and to treat each other with the dignity and respect we all deserve." You can catch the band April 30at Fallout with Mutwawa and Gilmore Guys, and May 15 at Strange Matter with Broken Water. — B.B.”

“Canary oh Canary – A definite must-see as this band of two years continues to do the impossible and gets folks from all kinds of musical tastes talking. Canary oh Canary’s wonderful sound consists primarily of indie post punk surf rock and roll. They are an exquisite three piece who deliver a dreamy sound that has you pondering the skies.”

"Canary Oh Canary gives Richmond its own brand of shoegaze and experimental rock in a style that is entirely their own. It’s noisy, fun and quickly sucks you in. It’s not everyday when a band manages to get the entire crowd fixed on them during a show. That’s how powerful the band’s music is. You can catch Canary Oh Canary on March 25 at Bandito’s."

“Canary Oh Canary take elements of shoegaze and experimental rock to create a style that is entirely their own. In just a little under a year playing out, the group has already developed a strong fan base (with even Kyle Harris of Diamond Center calling them one of his favorites from Richmond). It’s no surprise that they will be sharing the stage with Dead Fame, as both bands represent different ideas prevalent during the eighties. Canary Oh Canary will be performing during the RVA Music Fest at the Ballceaux Showcase on Saturday September 10.”