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““The Lombardo Brothers and Camera Soul transform Dress Code into an entertaining and unapologetic retrospective of an era that is both loved and somewhat under appreciated. And Dress Code is simply fun listening. Recommended.””

“I had a big smile on my face when I discovered that quite recently there is a new album on the way from Camera Soul. We have played tracks from Camera Soul over the years and I have been a huge fan of these guys, right from Day 1! They are just so, so good …. They are back [and] they are sounding wonderful as always. Brilliant!”

“Brothers Piero and Pippo Lombardo have created a masterpiece with “Dress Code.” They both love soul music and it is in full swing on this CD. From start to finish, you are getting your money’s worth. Their musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Earth-Wind & Fire, and others, so keep that in mind when listening because it will take you back to a time when the horns and percussion were the driving force of great soul music. To top it off, Maria Enrica Lotesoriere is the icing on the cake with her soothing vocals. Suggested tracks: “A Day With You,” “This Rain,” and “Push Play.” The BEST track is “More and More.” This is a TRUE love song and could be the love song of the summer! If you like the Brand New Heavies or Incognito, you will surely love Camera Soul.”

“I played a couple of tracks from this album on the show a couple of weeks ago, before the album was released. You’ve got no excuse for not going out to buy it. It’s well worth getting the album. It is a really, really, really, really good album, what can I say? Go out and buy a copy! Love the sound, love it!”

“Camera Soul is a true collective of sound that floats effortlessly above strict categorization [and] makes jazz sexy again! The vocals by Maria Enrica Lotesoriere are pristine while the saxophone of Daniele Scannapieco is as exciting as any of the major players here in the United States. Make no mistake, there are no weak links in this group as the sound is a marriage of a hybrid that has been tried and failed more times in the U.S. than I have space to list. Dress Code screams for American play on whatever platform. This is old school made new cool.”

“As I sip my Merlot on a nice Sunday morning listening to Camera Soul. I imagine the vineyards in Italy and reminisce the days of old with my grandfather playing Count Basie, Natalie Cole, and others. I S.M.I.L.E. to the authorship, the musical contributions, and harmonizing of Camera Soul! Camera Soul helps to release the retentiveness of the days trials and tribulations. As the smooth melodies create elegant tapestries, with the caramel lyrics which blends perfectly with the musical chocolate.”

“Italian Jazz Funk band Camera Soul have released their third album ‘Dress Code’ featuring the vocals of MariaEnrica Lotesoriere. It is full of bright brassy uptempo songs like ‘The Purpose’, ‘Bring Me Back’ ‘Push Play’, ‘Around the World’, and the less frantic ‘Scent of Wisteria’. There are plenty of mid-tempo steppers as well: ‘This Rain’, ‘Dress Code’, ‘You Think You Know About Love’ and ‘Colours of the music’. The bossa ‘Eu Qu[e]ro Sambar’ is another highlight. Nice feel-good music to keep your spirits up; if you like Incognito this is well worth checking out.”

“[Camera Soul] is surely one of the most international of the Italian discs released in recent years. With its brand of super fine soul-jazz, this band plays in a magical way and with vocal elegance that allow all of “Dress Code” to be enjoyed without skipping a single note.”

“With its elegant and amazing style, we are unconditionally fans of Camera Soul!”

“Since the birth of this new band – under the tender care of Piero and Pippo Lombardo – [Camera Soul’s] rise has been incredible. Anyone fortunate enough to come within an earshot of their musical waves are immediately swept up in the Jazz-funk current and taken on a euphoric journey … take heed – pay attention!”

“'Not For Ordinary People' is unabashedly and proudly a record that could have been released in 1979. The album sports lush arrangements that fuse those essential funk elements of an aggressive bass line and power packed horns. [The album] is such a well-conceived project from start to finish. The record contains a nice balance of up-tempo and mid-tempo tracks to go along with a couple of excellent ballads. That makes a group such as Camera Soul – and the music they make - pretty extraordinary. Recommended.”

“Camera Soul are inspired by legendary horn line, soul, R&B and jazz-fusion artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire, The Commodores, Tower of Power and Stevie Wonder. Put all of those together and you have this band. They certainly have a 'Jamiroquai' tone to them, but so much more purity to the sound. ... What was in store was about to blow my mind. My ears were in for a rare treat of just pure soul, jazz-fusion and funk from this band that are starting to become more popular across the world.”

“Regarding "Locked Inside": "Riveting sensual vocals, tight acoustic instrumentation, and inspired solo work captivate the listener and establish this group as a musical force to be reckoned with."”

“Looking for some great NEW and FRESH Music? Love this band’s sound – a mixture of funk, soul, and ska. The lyrics are very dynamic and purposeful. You should be able to listen all the way through without skipping [on] “Not For Ordinary People".”

“’Not For Ordinary People’ really is as it says on the the label – for people who want to hear something more than the stuff we are subjected to on a daily basis. I take my hat off to the Lombardo Brothers – just how they manage to keep their music fresh after a decade in the business, I have no idea … an album to suit all moods, will have you singing your heart out, or quietly contemplating the lyrics; either way, you can’t go wrong with yet another blessing from Camera Soul. I can’t wait to see them live.”

“Here’s something that touched my soul – Camera Soul!”

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"[Spoken On Air, on HOT FM Smooth Grooves] This is a band that has taken up all my listening time [and Not For Ordinary People is] my favorite album right now! I have been playing it constantly in my car over the past few days... I tell you, what a piece of work! So reminiscent of the classic Funky Company album of 1996. Not one single weak track on it; really, seriously as good as it gets for me right now ... It would be rather rude of me NOT to feature more from this fantastic album in Hour 2 of the show today." (Played “Locked Inside”, “Full of Me”, & “I Don’t Like Flowers”, then “Not For Ordinary People” & “Mama”, followed by two more tracks from the 2011 debut.)

“[Re: Not For Ordinary People] Lovin' It! Got everything a Soul Funkster needs from start to finish - "Mama", "I Don't Like Flowers", "My Heart"”

“Camera Soul is perhaps one of only three European acts with the talent to crash the American market for contemporary jazz in a meaningful way. Not For Ordinary People is fresh but with a decidedly retro groove of Tower of Power in their prime. If the Big Apple had a sonic pulse, this may well be it. Camera Soul and Not For Ordinary People welcome you to the land of rhythm and groove.”

“From southern Italy, Camera Soul’s second set, 'Not For Ordinary People' comes with more R&B/Funk intention than the group’s first release, 'Words Don’t Speak.' While the sound still recalls 70′s/80′s R&B primarily (especially the related productions of Maurice White (Earth, Wind, & Fire / The Emotions), it isn’t any more of a “retro” sound than work written by Brand New Heavies, Incognito, or Jamiroquai who also have visited the Pop/R&B song stylings of that time period. At the heart of Camera Soul are the veteran composers and brothers of Piero and Pippo [Lombardo]. Musical direction from Lombardo Brothers, together with the sultry vocals and songwriting of Serena Brancale, songwriting from Kathryn Ballard Shut (daughter of late composer and vocalist, Tim Ballard), expect some great R&B/Jazz moments on the disc. If you’re a 70′s/80′s R&B/jazz fan, here’s a new add for your collection.”

“[Translated from Italian] Two years following the debut album, "Words Don’t Speak", Camera Soul presents a new album, entitled "Not For Ordinary People", again released by Azzurra Music [TIMKAT Entertainment, Americas]. It is a wonderful and joyful dip into the unforgettable past, brimming with rhythms and harmonies that take us back to the late 70's Soul Funk, where electronics counted for little, robust bass lines dominated, horn lines enveloped melodies, and listeners found peace in a blissful rhythm guitar. In other words, songwriting, arranging, and musicianship ruled. In this recording project, the artistic quality is very high.”

“We love Camera Soul at http://www.radiowey.co.uk. Just the sort of funky Soul that we are known for!”

“Congrats on some really incredible work with Camera Soul - that is my vibe alllll day!!!”

“[Regarding album Not For Ordinary People] Great album, well worth a listen. Check out "Not For Ordinary People", "I Don't Like Flowers", and "Nobody Else" for starters................" ”

“Great production! [Not For Ordinary People] has something of a live gig feeling. I love that, it really rocks and I had a lot of fun listening to the tracks. The sound of Camera Soul is crisp and fresh!”

“The Camera Soul effort heralds a significant musical stylistic departure from what the [Brothers Lombardo] have delivered up until now. There are a few songs that showcase the brothers’ Bossa sound, but the new sound structure largely recalls Soul and Funk from the ‘80s. Camera Soul is a band that not only delivers this sound, but does so from a Mediterranean point of view, similar to releases in Spain from the Tony Manero Foundation. The horn arrangements remind us heavily of Tower of Power and each of the tracks is led by the distinctively sensual voice of Serena Brancale, also of Italy.”

“What sets Words Don't Speak apart would be the ingenious hybrid of soul, pop, and even a little disco but with more global jazz related sensibilities. appeal ... the smoother side of jazz has struggled to find that new sound to help slide a wedge in the revolving door of smooth jazz stations either changing to a format that works or closing up shop entirely. ... A delightful change of pace and easily a 5 star release!”

“The album ‘Words Don’t Speak‘ by ‘Camera Soul‘ is a must-buy for those seeking to treat their ears to some real feel-good music by talented musicians and songwriters.”

“[Words Don't Speak] from the Bari- and Verona-based troupe is cleverly infused with professional songwriting, full horn line arrangements, intelligent soul, jazz, and blues soloistic ideas, and possesses the ability to appeal to a broad range of music fans, ranging from Pop, Disco, House, and Soul, to R&B, and finally all the way to jazz.”

“Italian veteran composers and brothers, Piero & [Pippo] Lombard[o], along with Serena Brancale are back with a new Camera Soul set. And once again, the sound plants squarely in late 1970s/early 1980s soul/R&B. [Not for Ordinary People] brings to mind the classic productions of Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire / The Emotions), Atlantic Starr, and S.O.S. Band. Bursting out of the gate with bass guitar groove and funky rhythm, and continuing with Serena’s smooth voice. Kathryn Ballard Shut, jazz pianist and daughter of late jazz composer, Tim Ballard, also contributed lyrics to the album. TuneCrush: "My Heart"”

“The overall sound of [Words Don't Speak] reminds us of the soul/jazz sounds from latter 70s to the early 80s. Keyboardist and producer Pippo Lombardo has enlisted a top notch group of musicians for this album, which features vocals by Serena Brancale. Top tracks include , “Born to Be (Forever Mine),” “Bossanova,” the Maurice White-penned, “Miracles,” and the cover of Lionel Ritchie’s “Love Will Conquer All.”