CampX / Press

“CampX is a dedicated young band. They recently came to New York City to do a radio show where I was a guest. They rocked their butts off. It was great to hear a new band that shows so much promise. Check out CampX! ”

“CampX Rocks! We had them here on The Real Radio Show & they turned heads in Times Square. This is a band on the move & a pleasure to have had on the show! ”

“CampX are a dynamic force of swirling psychedelic piano melodies combined with a rough, gritty hard-rock passion. Their danceable, fun-filled classic rock sound is delivered with hard-hitting execution, especially by the confident, robust vocals. They seem to be a very professional band who are well experienced in how to carry forth their musical zeal through the speakers and on to the listening public. Very much looking forward to hearing more from them.”

“Whether you're listening to their tunes or experiencing their live show. CampX will not only entertain you - they'll leave a serious impact on you! So much talent on one stage! ”

“Camp X is mighty mainstream, surely radio-bound. They rake in emotions by the pound, unafraid to express. I can imagine a woman blasting their songs while she drives into the horizon, ready to change her name and start a new life. Their music gives you little glimpses into other people’s lives. They’d make a great addition to any soundtrack, any heart-felt trailer, any evening of self-reflection. They are geared towards the future, all too eager to see success on the horizon. I’m doing my part to help them get there. If you like Kings of Leon, U2, or any other band born on the stage, you’ll like Camp X. Coming soon to a rock station near you. ”

“Very fond of this - why these guys aren't hee-uge I'll never know - like Spacehog meets Suede, and who doesn't want to fill their ears with that particular amalgam.”

“Here’s a rock band designed to be big. The first comparison that comes to mind is U2. Everything is tight without losing the distinctive quality in each of the musicians’ individual contributions. There is a tension that plays out between the lead guitar and the vocals, and both are solid. This is music meant for a big room that still plays well out of small speakers. CampX helps me think big.”

“CampX debut album is a collection of solid well written songs carried with strong, rich vocals that will appeal to many. Looking forward to watching this music spread like wildflowers.”

“Camp X is a slow-burning fuse. They are an amazing rock band and their time is coming. ”