Campfires and Constellations / Press

"...They have a new record out, Carolina Homegrown, and are one of those bands, that based on their fans [last night], is about to have a trajectory in the Triangle much like American Aquarium and Holy Ghost Tent Revival: slow, then really fucking fast. I need to see them a bunch more before that."

"Rife with ragged harmonies, Campfires and Constellations' ramshackle twang-rock comes as either pedal-to-the-floor frenzy or leisurely jangles; either way, the young outlaw quintet is a fresh and welcome addition to the local roots scene."

“Campfires & Constellations is a local country rock band packed with heart and a lot of grit... their sound could best be described as Lefty Frizzell on methamphetamine.”

“If you haven’t been to one of their shows, get yourself there soon because you’re missing out.”

“Campfires and Constellations put on a show well worth the cover. In addition to original music and a Skynyrd cover, they played favorites such as Johnny Cash, which fit right in with their folky, old-time rock n' roll style.”