Cami Thompson / Press

"Most noteable in the cast is Cami Thompson who plays Jeannette, the troupe’s musical accompaniment and overall sidekick. The wonderful Kathleen Freeman played the part originally on the Broadway stage and was Tony nominated for her work. Thompson, though, easily makes the role her own and if Tony nominations extended to San Francisco, she might truly follow in Freeman’s footsteps. Perhaps a bit younger of a Jeannette, Thompson still shows she’s a tough, seasoned broad who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Her delivery is impeccable and she’s a delight every time she graces the stage."

“Singer/songwriter/bandleader Cami Thompson is outstanding as the spunky Jeannette Burmeister, the showbiz pianist. She has a lot of pizzazz singing "Jeanette's Showbiz Number." This consummate artist is a fail-safe comic engine as Jeannette, who doesn't mince words when assessing her very immature colleagues."”

"The huge production of Ray of Light Theatre’s The Full Monty may be packed into the tiny Eureka Theater (opening night was squirming-room-only), but it astonished me how satisfying such full measures of delight, laughter, robust song, and crisp dance could be packed into this revival. Add to that the musical’s memorable messages about self-definition, self-esteem, and the fine art of getting back up when life knocks you down, and you have an evening of pure entertainment. Cami Thompson is superb and delightful as razor-tongued pianist Jeannette."