Camille Harrison / Press

"Manna from Heaven" This is a lullaby from heaven sung by an angel. Camille channels a sweet voice from beyond and takes me to a place of grace with her music. Buy it, relax and float away on the stream of her voice.

"Simply one of the most beautiful inspirational songs I've ever heard and I've heard MANY. Camille sings it like an angel and I'm sure anyone who grabs this for themselves to perform somewhere will do so too."

“Camille arranged and produced this heavenly piece written by her talented, beautiful Mother. She then poured out her heart with her angelic voice and godly perfection as only a gifted daughter would do.”

“This is a beautiful song and a great production! Camille is one of the finest singers and most talented people making music today. Her voice is like a fine instrument - she sings, you feel...”

“Lovely. Beautiful voice and sound!”