Cameras, Guns, & Radios / Press

"CAMERAS GUNS & RADIOS rocked....dude played a guitar solo with the guitar behind his neck..."

"Really good local band. Rock and roll band is what they are."

"...Cameras, Guns & Radios may just now be one of my new fave lokal bands..."

"...I really like these guys a bunch, they remind me of so many of my favorite indie bands of my youth!"

"...these guys are legit."

Chris Rucker - Radar Radio on 95Rock, Augusta, GA.

"...you probably want to catch these cats, they flat lay it down!"

"Rockin all over the mid-South, from NC to GA, TN, and elsewhere, CGR have a unique sound and style that rocks audiences everywhere they go."

"Cameras, Guns and Radios bring pop rock power trio to Two Purple Pigs for Musictree Festival..."

“Awesome! A band that can write a good tune with a killer guitar riff!”

"Next up for JESUP DOLLY....sharing the stage with a truly delightful band in CAMERAS,GUNS,& RADIOS...definitely hear a FOO FIGHTERS or QOTSA influence in their sound...and that AINT a bad thing..."

Brian Allen - Facebook

"Roots rock mixed with punk and funk.Think Foo Fighters."

"fun day tracking Cameras GunsandRadios...awesome new local band."

Morgan Parham - Facebook