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The concept and the band, Camelio, was born in a cellar on a cold winter evening 2013. In that time. Consisting solely of Fredrik "Fast Bullet Freddy" William and Joachim HellsTone. They wanted to create something unique, honest and undisturbed by the cold feeling of black metal - combined with the warm tones of stoner-rock and punk.
The band recorded their first EP "3 Gram" in three days. Did the same with their next EP, "Vividi Montes" which will be released in late winter output. After several concerts locally with great response from the audience and everyone involved, Camelio received confirmation that they have a good foothold in Eastfold. During the promotion of their new EP, the band is relatively busy creating new tunes and jam out of wild hell together with their latest deposit, Kristoffer "Krille" K. Kristiansen.
Giggs is coming!

"In a world created by society that expects all of you, it may be too much for the strongest. Disagreement exists everywhere, and opinions on what life is all about is a paradox of too few."

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