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“Grant Calvin Weston has blazed a harmolodic, funkadelic trail through modern jazz. This record is a culmination of recordings made on the West Coast and his hometown of Philadelphia. Weston puts his Midas touch on electronics and acoustic instruments that blow the socks off any jazz-rock poser out there. Listen to the man who funked-up Ornette Coleman in the 1970s. “Weston lays down a ferocious groove with ecstatic shouts … that tease like thunder and lightning throughout.” — All About Jazz “Calvin Weston is wild enough by himself; he gets even crazier when he’s joined by other percussionists … rhythms, and funk into an invigorating and both enjoyable and intellectual.” — Philadelphia Weekly exposition.” — eJazzNews “Calvin is one of my biggest influences. He has been a huge inspiration to many musicians and a portal into Ornette Coleman’s funky harmolodic. world. utilizing acoustic and electronic sounds in mavericks makes him very special.”

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