Call Me Ladro / Press

"FOREST GUMP!! Great track! :)"


"That "Forest Gump" track is ill!"

"Thief sounds totally sick! Really great job on that cut."

"Enjoyed "Forest Gump"....Awesome Lyrics"

"When I listened the Forest Gump track, It was beyond amazing also Dreamy track. It was phenomenal. Keep grinding!!"

""Forest Gump" Cool Tune"

"Mannn Forest Gump is KILLING it. I love this shit. Keep puttin music out..."

"playing Think About It today!"

"Lovin Forest Gump! Smooth rhyme with lots of swagger and good vibes..I am digging this! Gotta hear more"

"Loving the Rap. Just listened to, "Forest Gump". You ain't no CHUMP."

"Diggin Forest Gump!"

" I like Think About It."

"Like the forest gump track! Nice groove, nice female vocals, nice lyrics, nice vocals, Nice Job!"

"*YOU ARE HIP-HOP!* That "Forest Gump" is DOPE!"

"Forest Gump, this is an awesome track!"

"I fucks wit that dreamy track!!"

"That "Forest Gump" track is real, dawg."

"forest gump is super cool, super talent, meet u at the top"

"Enjoying "Think About it""

"nice sounds you've got ! I enjoyed Think about it"

" Enjoying 'Forrest Gump' xx"

""Make It" is ill!"

""Forest Gump" is nicely done very smooth."

""Make it " is legendary !!"

"Yeah mane! That 'Dreamy' joynt is nice I like the feel of it...'Forest Gump' go hard! Great flow bruh!"

"honestly that joint "Forest Gump" is hard homie"

"Forest Gump sounds great. Flow is nice and beat sounds classic."

"Love "Dream (v2)" Chilled, funky beats - reminds me of De La Soul. And that's very good by me :)"

"Enjoyed "Forest Gump" :) Keep up the good work !!"

"Forest Gump is one of the most beautiful tune i found today....very catchy...can't get it out of my head"

"Think About It is really smooth... keep up the good tracks."

"yeah bro Forest Gump = Dope"

"Forest Gump...great title made me have to take a listem. Love your vibe and smooth groove"

"Came round to lend an ear.Great track mix with "Make It"."

"forest gump. cool vibe!!"

"I've got "Make It" stuck in my head now!! :)"

"yo man ! "Forest Gump" - damn! what a fresh track!!"

"Forest Gump on Point Fan"

"Your Forest Gump song is super smooth and cool. I like your style. Really good."

"Here’s a real interesting creative video, albeit a bit scary, from Seattle rapper Call Me Ladro for “Voice.” The track is his first single for the upcoming “BudahJade EP.” Props to Ladro for having a sign language expert and a male ballet dancer perform!"

"I LOVE Forest Gump! A very cool tune."

"None Bout Me ", Nice lryics, great tempo, such a pleasure listening to good music."

"Really liken' "Forest Gump"!,...yeah..Smooth,nice change of pace!I think you got the Right vibes here."

"Great work on 'Make it' i love this song."

"My favorite track is Make It!"

"a pack of cigarette, a cup of coffe and "Forest Gump"..."

"Like "Forest Gump" a lot! Cool and smooth track!"

"...I like "Forest Gump"....!!"

"had a listen to " Forest Gump " and really enjoyed the track, arrangement, melody, voice, lyrics and fab style..good stuff!"

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"Good spitting, like the Forest Gump song, cool"

"Great vibe on Forest Gump."

"Diggin' Forest Gump. Keep it goin' strong in Seattle!"

"FOREST GUMP...great lyrics and really nice sounds you nave going on in the backdrop. Great compositions here."

"I listened to "Forest Gump." Excellent song."