Calliope Musicals / Press

"Unicorns, glitter, and dancing shoes- Calliope Musicals is a feel-good ELO, Edward Sharpe, meets Janis Joplin mashup of epic proportions. They don’t just put on a show, they give you an experience."

““Confetti. Candles. Singalongs. Badass music. Just another amazing Calliope Musicals show...this band is a MUST SEE."”


"...Calliope Musicals has created one of the most incredible stage shows in the country, complete with their own pink unicorn and confetti cannon. This is not a concert to be missed."

““Her energy was enormous and the band was flawless. There was a strong sense of family that was evident to all of us in the audience...This was absolutely my favorite part of UTOPiAfest.””

““Who brings a confetti cannon to a fun fight? Calliope Musicals does."”

“What a fun night last night was...@calliopemusicals kind of blew our minds. If you get a chance, go see them soon. fun fun fun band”

"This is exactly the kind of thing indie fans swoon over: the chance to say we knew them back BEFORE they went mainstream and got picked up by the radio (patooie). So fall in love with them, quick!"

"I sensed a heavy influence from 60s and 70s music and even conjured up some mental images of flower power."

"Words from a true people lover. I say keep an eye on this band because I am sure this is not the last time we see her giving back to the community in a new and exciting way."