Callback Holly / Press

“There are few genres that are as infectious as pop punk. If you like it, you pretty much live for it. Anytime a newer band shows up in the pop punk arena, it’s met with excitement, worry and an almost unbearable nostalgia. Callback Holly is the next promising act for pop punk fans. The single “Sophia” brings up all of those feelings. With vocals like Bowling for Soup, instrumentation like Boys Like Girls and a song about a girl, “Sophia” sounds like a brand new pop punk anthem we’ve needed. The lyrics are young and catchy, the guitars are open and optimistic and the drums propel the song forward into the next run of the chorus. Though songs in this genre have a way of becoming irritatingly repetitive, “Sophia” is never monotonous. It ends stuck in your head, leaving you psyched for a full-length album.”

“Callback Holly may be new to the scene but there is an essence of swagger that could get them far. Rocking out to their North Shore entourage during the Monday RTT Presents show at Obrien's in Allston, the band blazed through their set of pop punk songs, in between rambling interludes of sexual desires and bandmate encounters. As a collaborative group of Smartbomb, Outbreak, The Regulars and Far From Finished members, and with a record out later this fall, Callback Holly is an up and coming band to put on your radar. Become part of their fan base by following the band on Facebook and Twitter and stream/purchase their demo on Bandcamp at a "name your price" donation today.”