Cali Shaw / Press

"You know nothing surprises me from him anymore...Cali Shaw is just an impressive musician"

““Winter Bloom” album is like a walk through the park on a crisp day. The melodies are entertaining, the vocals soothing, and the overall vibe is settling and fulfilling. I may be a folk-music convert thanks to Cali Shaw."”

“Attention funk aficionados... Felonious Groove Foundation is one of your new favorite bands. If you are down with Funkadelic, Parliment, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, Galactic and Santana... you should check FGF out!”

“The band mixes a highly instrumental style of hip-hop, funk, Latin and rock sounds. Its sounds sent the audience cheering on an imaginative ride of deep grooves balanced against blissful moments of sonic intensity.”

Daily Lobo

“Yet another dimension to "Paper Tiger" is the sheer aural experience that is contained within. Various samples and turntable scratching share space with guitarist/vocalist Cali Soberanes' watery wah-wah stylings.”

Ron Gonzales - Albuquerque Journal

“Maturity doesn't begin to describe the polished sound of Paper Tiger. The increased production pays dividends for every aspect of FGF's sound.”

Simon McCormack - Albuquerque Weekly Alibi

“The PORCELANA cut is amazingly exciting. Had to jump up and start dancing! Really a no-brainer. These guys have talent and originality. What luck to have them performing so close by.”

“the duo is going beyond the funk and Latin beats Felonious has become known for with a new CD, “Felonious Groove Foundation Presents ... Fantastic Planet,””

Dan Mayfield - Albuquerque Journal

““Fantastic Planet” trades in the resounding horns, Latin rhythms and protracted compositions of past FGF albums for a more calculated approach, one focused on song writing, stringed instruments, vocal harmonies and tightly constructed songs. “”