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"Unlike the many cookie-cutter bluegrass-indie bands, CALICO has the skill and experience that gives their music a certain level of sincerity that, for most bands, comes after years of playing together. Their music is heavily influenced by the sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s, particularly what was coming out of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles."

“There is a lot to like about Calico the band. As songwriters, they set the story and melody as the magnet on Rancho California, their most recent release. The California Country trio (Kirsten Proffit, Manda Mosher and Aubrey Richmond) blend three-part harmony in their music, peeling away from the pack for each to take the lead. Aside from the pipes and control to claim a spot in harmony heaven, Calico the band are three queens that make up their own full house of songwriters.”

“Usually songs are written and placed in films for aural connection but in [Calico the band's] case movies could be made for their music. Rancho California will do to music as what Technicolor did to movies in the 50’s and 60’s. These three talented ladies have lassoed a sound that enjoys the elements of country, Americana and rock; but to be more accurate they take their cues from the music of Laurel Canyon.”

“4 out of 5 stars: Yeah, they’re lookers, alright. But it’d be too easy to dismiss Calico as the West Coast Dixie Chicks, or Taylor Swift for grownups. The material on Rancho California is more akin to the down-home, Americana celebrated by the likes of Eliza Gilkyson, Lucy Kaplansky, and Georgia Middleman"”

“exclusive interview at www.theboot.com”

"The best of L.A.’s country past, present and future clearly emerges from Calico’s debut, Rancho California. With this album, Calico the band have begun a new chapter of L.A. country that begs to engage the rest of the Americana music community. Today, they are poised to weave into a very important place in the ever-growing tapestry of Americana music."

"Jaw dropping"

Neil Portnow - CEO, The GRAMMYs

"What could be better than not one, not two but three supremely talented songwriters-vocalists-instrumentalist? Calico is a band to be reckoned with on the L.A. scene of the moment."

"Truly the second coming of thee Dixie Chicks, only better!"

“I have been wanting to see the band for the last few months because of all the buzz generated by this dynamic trio. Believe me, the hype is nothing compared to the real thing. Proffit (Snapdragon Calico), Mosher (Perry Rose Calico) and Wyatt (Juni Calico) are the best thing to happen to music since the Dixie Chicks!”

“The California Country girls of Calico The Band brought with them tonight (1/16/2013), to Ventura’s Green Art People, the voices of angels. With their three part harmonies, tambourine stomping, and dobro picking, the crowd could only stop and listen to the raw beauty of this local sound. Just when you thought you were already home, the Calico girls remind you of what home here in Southern California is really all about. What ever spirits are guiding these girls musically must have been the same spirits that walked with the greats like Neil Young or Crosby, Stills, and Nash. It really felt great! ”

“Calico is an all-star ensemble of LA's three very best female Americana artists. There couldn't be a more perfect combination of genuine talent and creative spirit. An amazing formation of a band and a completely exciting surprise. It's been a while since we had something this promising to look forward to..”

Cleo Antonelli - Cleo/Acoustic Playhouse

“Manda Mosher, Kirsten Proffit, and Jaime Wyatt have recognized their musical sisterhood by adopting the personas of Perry Rose, Juniper, and Snap Dragon Calico (names chosen to honor their influences or reflect their personalities). All sing (of course), and they’re forging skillful and effective vocal arrangements employing alternating lead vocals and multi-part harmonies. Their voices work well together. Among them, they play banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harp (as in harmonica), for a variety of acoustic textures; they’ve been writing and recording together for the past several months, have produced a 4-song EP, and are working on a full release. During their visit to Gretschland, they fell in love with the Roots Collection instruments, talked with Phil, and played their version of “Wayfaring Stranger” for us in the behind-the-scenes green room. I enjoyed their engaging “room-temperature” performance. (click link to see video) ”

“read here about Calico's weekly residency in Ventura CA - bringing venues together! http://www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/a_celebration_of_collaboration/10591/”