Caleb Hyers Band / Press

"This is an up and coming artist from whom we will hear in the future"

Carrie T. Gruman - Thomas Nelson Publishers

“The EP sounds fantastic. The songs blend rock and pop with a progressive feel, all the while keeping it tough and punchy. Caleb's vocals are on spot throughout.”

Todd Grubbs - TGG; 3 Green Windows

“Fainting Heart is awesome, it has a great melody and chorus. Tony's drumming is killer, he has great timing and chops. I love the rhythm and vocal on Ocean Eyes and the time signature in Mirrors forces you to recognize it's different. The EP has great production and songwriting overall. Well Done.”

Gary Schutt - Paliside Records; Category 3

“The Caleb Hyers Band is an awesome up and coming band. Their vocals are reminiscent of Brandon Boyd from Incubus... guitar and drums of Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311. Great production and songwriting overall! Can't wait to hear more from them!”

Jerad Griffin - Rilian; High Flight Society

“The Caleb Hyers Band ep is three songs of angelic song writing excellence to sum up in just four words. The first track Fainting Heart is a moving, powerful, hook laden piece of exceptional instrumentation and pure emotional rock n roll and the ep doesn't stop there. Mirrors is haunting and beautiful and Ocean Eyes has a great groove while still being very commercial and approachable. A brilliant collection of three very different songs that all cumulate into a perfect blend of exceptional music created by the band's extremely talented front man Caleb.”

Scott Vallina - Not Tonight Josephine

“I can’t stop listening to it. CHB has delivered every ounce of passion, energy, and musical nirvana that their live shows forced us to expect of this EP. Simply stunning.”

Luke Easterling - Despite Distance

"LOVE it!!!! ...Caleb is such a nasty guitar player...I'm jealous!"

Derrick Gregory - For A Season

“Earnestly honest and engaging!”

Carrie T. Gruman - Thomas Nelson Publishers

“Caleb Hyers Band produces a jammy, funky, jazzy style of pop-rock in the vein of John Mayer and Dave Mathews Band - and in the case of "the fight", even a little Fleet Foxes...”

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