Calculate / Press

"Brutal deathcore meets death metal from this crushing Canadian band"

"Canadian deathcore with a HUGE set of balls."

“This is a band who’s name was the first to intrigue my metal loving ears. For those of you who didn’t know, A calculation is a deliberate process for transforming one or more inputs into one or more results, with variable change. Now you know, After being drawn in by the intriguing name I was then immersed in a wall of Death Metal, Hardcore, and Doom influences in which “Calculate” has uniquely and definitively made their own sound. The Precisely placed bass drop at 12 seconds in blew my mind away. It must be i’m used to having to having to go minutes into a song to re-listen to that lovely euphoria inducing wall of bass. Calculate must of read my mind when they placed it near the beginning though, thank you! That being said the entire album is not one that you listen to the song’s once move on to the next as the instruments and vocals keep the listener interested until the very end. Rate: 9.99/10”