“I think CALABRESE is one of the top Horror Rock bands I have heard.”

“CALABRESE is not just a band that's helping to keep horror punk alive, they're also helping to keep real rock music alive.”

“By sinking their fangs into their work and locking their jaws down, Calabrese’s stalwart approach combined with vampiric biting wit make them a force to be reckoned with on the horror punk sound stage.”

“Quite simply, Calabrese is the world’s greatest horror punk band and they’re coming to get you.”

“Calabrese takes all of your predetermined ideas about the horror rock genre and not only redefines it, but makes it 10 times more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced.”

“OK, I'm not gonna beat around the bush, this is the single best Horror Rock record I've heard this year and it ranks among the best of the modern wave of Horror Rock (1990's-present).”

Rock Fiend International

“Calabrese's contribution to the horror rock genre is a welcome breath of tongue-in-cheek mayhem in a time when too many bands are taking themselves far too seriously. That's not to say the band doesn't command respect, far from it..”

Brent E. Kick - Author of The Ultimate Musician's Reference Handbook

“I don't care if you love or hate horror rock, Calabrese cannot be denied! Before this band is through, all will bow before their shadow. Just like 13 Halloweens before it, The Traveling Vampire Show gets ****** out of *****. That's not a typo. It gets 6 out of 5 stars!”

“with a wicked Misfits-meets-Ramones-meets-Damned sound that is tight, hard and fiercely melodic. More often than not i've heard this "horror" genre done really poorly, but this can serve as the benchmark of how to get it right. This is as good as it gets you can file this next to "Walk Among Us".”

“There are a lot of bands out there that sound like they wish they were The Misfits, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Misfits wish they were Calabrese!”

“Horror rock, it seems, is re-nestling itself in my black little heart after listening to Calabrese….energetic, catchy, and most of all, fun. ”

“The drive-in spooky flick artwork and bloody slick production values make this disk simply too good for fans of B-horror rock 'n' roll to pass up. ”

“They nip at you ferociously and incessantly, having the finest American punk traditions etched into their very bowels….Noise and Horror themes, eh? You just can’t go wrong, and Calabrese do it right.”

“Calabrese is one of those bands who, despite adhering to the tropes of monster-themed punk rock, manages to distinguish their music through clever songwriting, superior technical skill and a knack for crafting excellent hooks.”

“Horror rock can be a cruel and fickle mistress...It crawls with cliches and pitfalls, and those unfamiliar with the customs will be eaten alive. Calabrese appear to have a bloodstained map however.”

“The list on their site of bands they shared stages with is impressive. The Misfits, Tiger Army, Mad Sin… you name it, they did it. And that they fit in this list of bands as being their equals is something that “The Traveling Vampire Shows” confirms.”

“Calabrese does a great job of mixing a Misfits style sound with that of late 90’s AFI and a touch of The Damned...There is good guitar work throughout, solid song writing and great vocals complete with sing along choruses.”

“Calabrese isn't afraid to amp up the proceedings with a dash of power-pop goodness, making theirs an act that is as likely to appeal to casual listeners as it is to the most devoted genre fiends.”


“Everything about these guys reeks of rock stardom.”

“From start to finish you'd be hard pressed to find a song you'd want to skip past after the 30th time it's repeated. This album is definitely in my top 5 for this year. Go get it.”

“Calabrese is best served live where there can be no questioning their talent, dedication and sincerity to the horror genre. ”

Gery Vermin - Horrorwood Babble-On

“Crazy girls love ‘em. So do the Fango kids...but beyond the goofy-ghouly stuff, there’s a tight, lethal punk band with a knack for great glammy choruses with foot-stomps and hand-claps and meaty Dracula-driving biker-fuzz.”

“Calabrese are definitely original in what they do and they LOVE what they do. That makes it even better. Calabrese is unstoppable! ”

Dead Puppy Records

“Calabrese's combination of catchy old-school punk rock with B-movie imagery and scream queen samples...will definitely please fans of both horror films and rock 'n' roll fiending for a new crypt to haunt.”

“Hell, even if you don’t consider yourself a horror rock fanatic and just like good hard rocking music with hooks you should check these guys out.”

“Obviously, the vampunks and ghoul rockers among us are gonna eat this one up with spoon carved outta black cat skulls, but even the non-grave robbing will find much to feast on here.”

Sleazegrinder, Super Rock Revolution Now!

“Your record is some of the best new stuff I've heard in a long time! I was so happy to hear your disc. That last track, "Blood In My Eyes", I love it!”

Drew Bludd - In The Graveyard, Notorious Horror Rock Radio!

“What I found distinct about Calabrese is that unlike many other horror punk groups that have tread the same ground, these guys are actually talented.”


“Damn great and entertaining Misfits-infected muck that should please every fan of the horror punk rock genre. ”

Trash Compactor

“Fans of Misfits and The Damned arise!”

Skratch Magazine

“Calabrese write flawless songs….This is the most authentic revival of the ‘Static Age’ sound that I’ve ever heard; a younger Danzig could have only dreamed of working with musicians as gifted as these.”

Starvox Music Zine

“Calabrese are tight musicians who obviously have a passion for the genre they've chosen. ”

The Video Graveyard