Caitlin Mahoney / Press

“To think that this is a debut EP is a bit mindblowing. Caitlin Mahoney makes it look and sound easy; if it were, everyone would sound this good. With West for a While, Mahoney has tapped into something magical and sweet.”

“There is a purity and strength in Mahoney's vocals, an unfailing precision and confidence that shines through. But there is also great fluidity and an ability to tap into a vulnerable place that allows the emotion in her songwriting to take its place right alongside that incredible gift of vocal range she possesses.”

"West for a While" sets the tone with a catchy, relatable melody that pays homage to country roots without going twangy/ Think classic country meets urban folk: Patsy Cline with a modern twist. It's the type of song you want playing when you hit the open road wiht the top down. And it offers the perfect introduction to Mahoney's quirky vocal s

“There are only a few artists out there who can stop me in my tracks and catch my full attention. She is definitely one of htem.”

“Though Caitlin Mahoney is presently an unknown quantity, the skill, maturity, and sense of now that is found on West for a While mean that her songwriting has real potential to reach from New York to London.”

“'Devil on the Side' has a little more vulnerability and hints at the influence of the outstanding Laura Marling.”

“The title track ["West for a While"] suggests a songwriter whose style is fitted perfectly for her time, replete as it is with the sort of pastoral folk that has made recent Glastonbury headliners Mumford & Sons the choice of millions of listeners.”

“Her recent EP West For A While is worth checking out. The title track captures that feeling of wanting to put the heartbreak behind and strike out for somewhere new.”

“She is an excellent writer with a strong voice that has that classic country feel to it, the one where you can sound so sweet but pack in all kinds of knockout emotion.”

“Here’s Caitlin working it to the Bruce Springsteen track ‘Dancing In The Dark’ – we think she does a great job!”

“Her debut release "West for a While" makes a strong opening statement. All four tracks are melodically strong, played with passion and joy, and Mahoney has a songwriter's ear for quirky twists and turns...the harmonies, coupled with Mahoney's sultry, measured delivery, gives it wings to soar.”

“Laura Cantrell provides the most obvious comparison, though it's a far purer and more powerful instrument that Mahoney has at her disposal, and it works beautifully with her urban-folk, country-roots material.”

“It's understandable that she's won awards for her stage work...as her voice is her most striking asset.”