CAlifornia Folk Rock Revue / Press

"The California Folk Rock Revue hand picks the best songs from the 60s and 70s. Some were old favorites and some I had never heard before. I actually got turned on to some artists I didn't know about, like Gene Clark. In between the songs, they talk about the bands and the musical history of the time. Oh yeah, and they ROCK!"

A satisfied audience member - Private e-mail

"Jewels and Johnny Nation capture a spirit that is like June Carter Cash singing with a late '60s Los Angeles country/folk/psych band.Elements of Bakersfield are mixed with the Sunset Strip, creating a warm, harmony-driven, infectious sound....."

Jeff Weiss - Miles Of Music

"Oh, Jewels and Johnny Nation must really regret that they were born 40 years too late. In 1967 their mix of folk, country and rock would have been so sensational and essential that they certainly would have had a contract from Asylum or Warner. The couple lives in southern California's Topanga Canyon just as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Stephen Stills did in that time. They look like authentic hippies and are incredibly groovy. Still we cannot write them off as some pastiche of yesteryear....."


"Massively talented"

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - No Depression