“The classic Appalachian string-band format (banjo, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and/or dobro) is usually associated with bluegrass and old-time country, but it can do a lot more. It has been used in jazz, rockabilly and modern country and more recently by such groups as Punch Brothers, King Wilkie and Cadillac Sky for the surprising purpose of making art-rock. And Cadillac Sky's new album, "Letters in the Deep," is the greatest achievement yet of this unlikely trend.”

“And if you thought they couldn’t put on a rock ‘n roll show for nearly an hour and a half straight—you were definitely wrong....a well-rounded, one-of-a-kind rock show....If you’ve never had a chance to see a Cadillac Sky show, or if for some godforsaken reason you’ve never heard of or listened to Cadillac Sky, now is probably the time to make a change.”

“This batch of 17 songs boasts episodic storylines and angst and musical shape-shifting and full-blown indie rock that just happens to be played, with verve, on acoustic instruments. ”

Jewly Hight - Nashville Scene

“There’s no way to put a label or a genre on this band, as they pull from the depths of countless other genres and musical influences, ripping out the still-beating heart of each one and consuming it for the pleasure of the audience.”

“They rose to the occasion. There’s really beautiful sounds on “Letters In The Deep”, it is as much of a living album as it is an art piece and I’m definitely proud to have my name attached to this project. Whatever genre it is, it’s a really great album, and I’m happy that I got to make it.”

“....this is an acoustic band that any punk or rocker will love. ”

j. poet - All Music Guide

“Fun but acutely self-aware, technical yet adventurous, both brash and sacred, these Letters are a key to American music.”

“Cadillac Sky, a neo-Americana sound machine on a roll..”

“Loved it more than anything in quite awhile.”

Leah Ross, director - Bristol's Rhythm & Roots Reunion

“Mosh pit meet bluegrass.”

Jonathan Trawick - Fiddlin' Arkansas

“This band is nothing like bluegrass. It was original, youth driven, highly charged, contemporary, sometimes dramatic, and always compelling. Our audience was knocked out as was all of the staff. Get tickets early as we sold out and had to reluctantly turn some people away.”

“C-Sky are arguably the foremost exponent today of “newgrass””


John Cowan - formerly of New Grass Revival

“Awesome awesome show last night. People were pretty much awestruck all-around.”

Brian Eyster - Talent buyer for Telluride and Rockygrass

“I’m nearly speechless. This is the most innovative and original sound since the first notes of bluegrass passed Bill Monroe’s lips.”

"...Sam Bush gave bluegrass a great shot in the arm, a kick in the butt, pioneering progressive rock-flavored band New Grass Revival – but these guys from Texas will stir up way more musical mayhem and eventually will bypass the roots reports and shoot to the top of the Billboard charts..."

Evert Wilbrink (cont) - Folkwax

“Mixing a righteous amount of funk and a handful of indie stylings, Cadillac Sky has blended three superb genres of music in to one that left the audience in a jaw dropping stupor.”

“...the songwriting, primarily by mandolinist-singer Bryan Simpson, stands out with its fearless appropriation of rock, pop, blues and old-time dance music.”

“Cadillac Sky handily defies gravity "like a firecracker."”

“Wow! Zappa Grass, innovative, enthusiastic, energetic, boundless possibilities...Truly in touch with their audience and fans...More fun than a barrel of monkeys.”

Mike Whitehead - Park Theatre - Indiana

"....the energy that Cadillac Sky jettisons into the public, enough rock 'n roll to force their audiences to start dancing in the aisles..."

Evert Wilbrink (cont) - Folkwax

“The best new voice I've heard lately belongs to Bryan Simpson, the lead singer and chief songwriter for the freewheeling group Cadillac Sky.”

"This quintet offers a mountain of musical riches: close harmony singing, propulsive melodies with innovative tempo changes, hot banjo picking from Matt Menefee and intriguing original material”

Chicago Sun-Times

“...a Texas quintet with a bracingly experimental take on bluegrass...clearly an ambitious group...it's a high-concept collection that repays repeated listening.”

"...The 20 minute banjo-bass duet that I saw, with Panda Moritz and Matt Menefee sweating away on anything from Beethoven to Led Zeppelin, completely blew me away, they were jogging around on the top of their strings, sniffing out new territory with rampant curiosity." - Evert Wilbrink, Folkwax

Evert Wilbrink - Folkwax

"ABOUT CADILLAC SKY - "the Pink Floyd of country music.....rejuvenators of the genre.....""

Evert Wilbrink (cont) - Folkwax

"...if you're talking about power, authority and raising the bar the way the Revival did in the 20th century, that's precisely what Cadillac Sky is doing in the 21st.”

Dave Higgs - Nashville Public Radio

"...going straight to the top on a fast ride...."

Evert Wilbrink (cont) - Folkwax

“Blind Man Walking was ranked in the top 40 (spins) by Americana Music Association”

"When I heard Cadillac Sky for the first time, I heard some of the freshest new music I had heard in a long time. Their vocals just killed me, and they have a new sound. They're great!"

“...precise and reckless, controlled but spontaneous, happy yet lonesome, in other words, the perfect ingredients for a young, unique group.”

Joe Ross - Joe Ross Reviews

"the beautiful singing, awesome instrumental work, or the superb original compositions, it all fit together like a favorite sweater."

Sacramento, CA - DJ Al Shusterman

"Their live shows are a marvel of emotion and razor-sharp focus..."


"It just overwhelms you. As soon as I started playing this project, the request line went into overdrive."

Sacramento, CA - DJ Al Shusterman

"A prudent fan would take advantage of these two intimate shows with one of our liveliest bands before they head out of town. Of course, if being an idiot is your thing, you could put it off."

Erin Rice - Pegasus News