Cadillac Flambe / Press

““They have a sound that is what the blues community needs to bring in younger fans,” Chack Haddix, KCUR's Fish Fry ”

“Harmonica player James "Pappy" Garrett 'went out gigging'”

“Cadillac Flambe's show was aflame with harmonica madness and a classical, authentic blues feel that invoked a nostalgic ambiance. The energy and enthusiasm in their effort spilled into the crowd making it difficult to part with their sound.”

Skaught Patterson - Kansas City Blues & Jazz Music Examiner

“Alluvial soil, like that of the Mississippi River Delta — a birthing ground for a specific brand of blues. Kansas City's latest gift from the Delta gods is Cadillac Flambé, a five-piece ensemble that channels the soul and steaminess of the Deep South.”

Berry Anderson - The Pitch