Cadaver Dogs / Press

“All leopard print, chest hair, and whiskey breath, this power trio could probably start a scene of epic debauchery simply by walking into a grocery store. They are Columbus’ most righteously sleazy outfit, with their well-honed idiom outshined only by their well-honed chops. They got good the hard way: they tour so relentlessly you’d think Motörhead’s motor oil was coursing through their veins. See them on a Tuesday afternoon, they’ll have you convinced it’s a Saturday night somewhere between 1975 and 1988 by their third song. superloose, their first LP released last year, continues to strut with the swagger they established on earlier EPs On All Fours and Thrill Ride, with more searing riffs, cowbell, and cheeky innuendos than you can hurl a Jack Daniels bottle at. Subtle they ain’t, but Cadaver Dogs get plenty of mileage on sex, drugs and…well, you know.”

Adam Scoppa - 614 Magazine

"The four-song set proceeds to carry that tone with monster riffs, top-of-their-lungs hooks and ribcage-busting drums. Loud, lewd and debaucherous, theirs is party music for rock ’n’ roll animals... It’s also more inventive and infectious than your average riff rock, there’s a subtle artfulness to the way the songs bleed together."

Columbus Alive

“Cadaver Dogs aren’t messing around. Their lyrics are as filthy as a motel bathroom but extremely catchy. Each song feels like a shot of whiskey, by the end of each track you’re signaling to the needle on your record player like a bartender for another. Cadaver Dogs don’t fuck around and you can tell they put their hearts and souls in their music. You can almost smell the scent of sex and whiskey coming off the record. With filthy pure rock ‘n roll songs with a sound akin to Motorhead, a trio of badasses who know their instruments and a front man who knows how to sex it up on the mic, Cadaver Dogs gets a solid A.”