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“There are a lot of ways to release an album these days, everything short of having the band surgically implant the tracks at the base of your skull. While Kanye works on that methodology, Cabin has found a fresh approach — one that expertly combines the old and new. For the last six weeks, the Louisville band has been releasing one track per week from “It Is What It Looks Like,” its third album. On Saturday, it will have an album-release party at Diamond’s Pub & Billiards. Only the record isn’t finished, and won’t be until near summer’s end. But the download card you can buy tomorrow night will entitle you to the rest of the album, which you’ll pretty much hear in real time; Cabin recently finished the title track on a Sunday night, and it was posted the next morning. “It’s an ongoing book, and we’re at chapter six now,” said the band’s founder, Noah Hewett-Ball. “We felt like, let’s just open the door and kick them out as they come and see what that fe”

“Noah Hewett-Ball’s emotional and popular pop-rock band, Cabin, is building anticipation for its latest album, the first in almost three years, It Is What It Looks Like. The quintet (also including Sarah Welder, Shane Thomas and recent additions Zack Kennedy and Charlie Rivera) has been releasing tracks one at a time, in chronological order, on their website until their release show on Saturday. One of the songs off the album, “An Algorithm,” gives listeners an interesting commentary on how businesses are profit-driven and base their decisions off mathematical algorithms. Their first two albums earned “Album of the Year” distinctions from WFPK, 91.9 FM; this new album has a more dreamy and experimental sound than their last, Among the Rectangles and Changeable Parts.”

“I can't remember the last band from Louisville who had me listening to their work the same way I listen to the non-locals who dominate my mp3 world.”

"We here at WFPK love our local bands and Cabin is one of our faves. They recently wowed the crowd at our May Waterfront Wednesday show and stopped by the studio to play a song for us that also appears on their excellent album Among The Rectangles & Changeable Parts."

“In 2005, few Louisville bands generated as much buzz as Cabin. They earned the ear of promoters who put them on supporting slots du jour with Von Bondies and VHS or Beta; they nearly sold out Headliners for the release of their debut, Govern The Good Life, WFPK had them in constant rotation and sales at ear X-tacy were brisk. Singer Noah Hewett-Ball’s solemn vocals and keys served as the centerpiece of a pop-rock group with robust momentum. ”

“Singer/songwriter, Noah Hewitt-Ball has spent nearly five years keeping Cabin a solid structure while having to replace every other original member. With a new cast and new sound, Hewitt-Ball and Cabin, version 2.0, have finished and released Among The Rectangles & Changeable Parts – an engaging set of polished and seemingly perfect songs. ”

“What you end up with is a beautiful album that feels light, but fills the room with volume. Every part of every song commands attention. It’s a rollercoaster, but that is what I like. I’ll harp back to The National again. While their sounds are different, the song structures are similar. Just when you ease into a song, they keep building and layering. Call it good storytelling, good songwriting, or whatever, but it works. Perhaps that is why they are one of my favorite Louisville bands, or better, one of my favorite bands.”