Cab 20 / Press

“More and more, the music industry is taking raw, fresh, inspiring music talent and turning it into conveyor belt product. Sapping it of its passion and intensity in the hopes of scoring a top-10 single on the Billboard charts. Cab 20 wants no part of that”

“...This young trio is easily one of the hottest bands worth keeping an eye and ear on right now. Although still in their infancy, they certainly hold the promise of making it the way the Black Keys have.”

“If I had a son stuck deep in Depressing Folk, Electronic experimentation, Post-Rock etc., I would force him to listen to this so he could grow a pair...”

“These dudes play straight up rock ‘n roll. If you're rolling your eyes at that statement, Shut the fuck up and listen to these guys! They kick out the jams with their amps set on “FUCK YOUR EARDRUMS” mode, and with their bluesy/early Motorhead style its a welcoming sound when so much out there is a lot of bullshit... These dudes bring it as if they were forced to at gun point; hard-hitting riffs, pounding beats, and some really banging bass lines.”

“Inspired by an array of acts like Queens of The Stone Age, Faces, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rolling Stones, T. Rex, The Willows, Kyuss, The Greenhornes, Sleep, and Fu Manchu, this local rock band boasts a raw punchiness in its otherwise difficult to describe sound. They’re heavy, but not enough to be hard rock. They’re indie, but not enough to be boring and flat. They wander, but not enough to be completely psychedelic. And they’re not sloppy enough to be garage. It’s really just good rock and roll.”

“Maybe sometimes it’s best to leave your wallet in El Segundo because you can bet your money that Cab 20 will knock your socks off with their sound. The trio that started off in high school have been a force ever since. Having found the necessary support systems in the competitive music world of the city of Angels, Cab 20 is definitely the type of band that has entered the industry for the love of music. And they all know that fakeness will only show in your music and that is why Cab 20 is the real thing.”

““Where did we all come from?” Some would say the loins of the Almighty. Crosby, Stills, and Nash imply that we’re all stardust from the remnants of a supernova explosion (looking for that nebula to fertilize). As for Cab 20, it’s simple: they come from the Rock n’ Roll God.”

“Cab 20 is a rocking band that’s on the fast track to becoming a household name on the national music scene. Do yourself a favor and get onboard their musical train before you get left behind at the station.”

“Cab 20 of El Segundo has a sound that recalls 70s garage rock with monster riffs and jagged vocals that belie their youth (Cab20music.com).”

“It’s rock n’ roll. “Boots” by Cab 20. Sometimes it’s damn good to hear some straight up rock n’ roll. Raw, raucous, jamming, pounding, tearing, dirty rock n’ roll – with a groove. That’s what Cab 20 does, they does. ”

"...(Cab 20) take nods from old-school blues masters such as Muddy Waters and Son House, then throw in some modern riffage a la Jack White to produce the Cab 20 sound - heavy, fuzz-driven guitar tones sit under a bed of Van Morrison with his early group Them."