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“Once again, I’ve stepped into a time machine and been transported to 1982 and the glory days of hardcore punk, back before “hardcore” was synonymous with bad metal. Boston’s By The Throat play that good old hardcore, the kind that had that manic beat that drove you nuts, but was melodic enough to stick in your head after the song was over. This is the stuff of Moving Targets, of Government Issue, of None of the Above, of early Black Flag, The Descendents and Battalion of Saints. It’s just damn good hardcore the way it should be – fast, ferocious and fun. The riffs are memorable, the leads are reminiscent of The Damned in their Machine Gun Etiquette phase and it’s five songs for a total length of 10 minutes which, again, is as it should be. I really couldn’t ask for more and I don’t. I know better. So grab some forties, call your friends and throw this one into the mix halfway through the party. It’s a worthy addition.”

" On this 7 inch I just hear skating in the garage and listening to Suicidal Tendencies, How can I laugh..."... "Not to say this is some kind of rehashing of that sound at all, in fact they hit on all the things I honestly still liked about it, the rawness, the energy. It isn't fast just to be fast, they're catchy, coming in together for the chorus, a little bit party, not altogether against everything or overly political, or indecipherable yelly vocals. Really though, What's a more honest, sincere statement than this? They obviously enjoy this style and want to contribute to the long history as straightforward as possible, but there's literally no other motive in hardcore that I can see except for wanting to hang out with your friends and play music you would listen to. It's a part of American history you can actually be a little proud of...that I can't find any problem with."

“By The Throat play old fashion, no frills, punk rock. In other words, this band will remind you why you first fell in love with the music. “Break Away”, “Western Front”, and “Nowhere to hide” highlight a blistering and all too brief five song EP. These slabs of classic punk stylings maintain a modern touch while still clearly paying homage to acts of yore. The dual guitar assault of Niff (who also handles vocals) and Sean Dimwit is a buzzsaw of force, while Chris Dimwit and Chris Brat are a furiously tight rhythm section. The guys do not just bash out sixty second burst of speed (although there is nothing wrong with that either), but craft highly structured pieces that reflect more sophisticated songwriting reflective of musicians who have done this for a while. By the Throat give their respects to the fundamental principles of punk’s history while also displaying enough dexterity to elevate them above a simple clone of the past. Go find this.”

"That snotty, decipherable voice works in their favor and lends a certain swagger to this thing—much preferable to the Cookie Monster vocals that usually dominate this type of stuff. One Good Night’s a decent five-song piece of green wax; rife with pick slides and fat guitar tones and a slightly dirty production that works in their favor."

“You like your punk music fast, a bit of anger, and a bunch of melody? Well check out this 7″ by local band By The Throat. This 7″ is chock full of raging rock and roll that will have you begging for more. 5 songs that hearkens back to a time when Boston was known for being dangerous, but it still retains a lot of the melody that it later became known for. Sick riffage throughout!”

“By The Throat - "One Good Night" EP Fast punk rock that reminds me of half the bands I saw at the Rat over the years, yet can't exactly be pinned to one specific sound. Maybe a more adult 30 SECONDS OVER TOKYO or something. Not that there's anything wrong with (-Seinfeld) but I've heard it too many times. Take one part UNSEEN, one part MOTORHEAD, one part (probably unbeknownst to them) youth crew and you have the soundtrack to drunken T rides and brawling with Sox fans at PJ Kilroys over $1.25 Busch. The sound of the streets.”

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