Byron Bank / Press

“Byron Bank is an edgy rapper and performer with a love for highly energetic sounds and thought-provoking lyricism.”

“Ten seconds into the chorus of his single ‘T.H.O.T.’ and you'll be nodding your head. With an infectious lyrical style and sublime hook, the rap / hip-hop artist known as Byron Bank seems poised to vault straight up the charts.”

“In a world of reality show hopefuls and Instagram models, one can be easily fooled through “Juno filtered” eyes. Houston Texas rapper “Byron Bank” speaks on how his real eyes, realizes real lies in his new single “T.H.O.T"”

“Le nouveau numéro est enfin disponible! Retrouvez l’interview exclusive de DJ Whoo Kid, Bad Lucc, Byron Bank, Skippa Da Flippa, et les artistes Hip Hop Breath: Ray Pearson, Dash Jordan, Buggs Tha Rocka, Donny Goines et ROT.”

“Houston Native Byron Bank - Young Emcee with an Upcompromising Work Ethic”

“Out that TX, comes a multi-talented brother…Byron Bank. If you were to ask him how he’s feeling these days, he’ll probably say that he feels “Superb!””

“Byron Bank, Mixing The Best”

“Review Fix chats with emcee Byron Bank, who discusses the inspirations and creativity behind his most recent album, “The Withdrawal” as well as his process and goals for the future.”

“Byron Bank is all about health and fitness, not to mention community outreach and support! Byron Bank will be leading a team on a 5K run in the Color Fun Fest, a benefit run that has combined with the Holi Festival!”

“I2G chilled with Byron Bank for an exclusive interview. We discuss his start in music, upcoming projects and much more...”

“Byron Bank Releases “Now Lay Down” Single + Music Video!”

“Byron Bank is #FLyah”

“I saw him (Byron) on the Internet, and he somehow looked taller. His talent, stage presence, and crowd reaction spoke volumes on this GIANT M.C. in a smaller frame!!”

“Today’s inbox submission comes from Houston representer Byron Bank.”

“With Byron’s talent and hustle, he is clearly on the path to success.”

“Another dope lyricist, with a positive message, and a great hardworking attitude.”

“He had some cool music, and despite his earlier time slot, a good show as well.”

“Byron Bank in his most recent single “Can We Live” off the album “Passion Has A Price””

"He is a great artist a great guy all around"