By Any Means / Press

“By Any Means sum themselves up perfectly on their own site, explaining that they “Aren’t reinventing the wheel, rather giving it a damn good spin”. A quick spin of their 5 track debut E.P reveals that they aren’t lying. These Northern Irish upstarts are peddling no bullshit, balls to the wall hardcore, and by god they do it well. Kicking things off with the riotous Using Both Hands, this four piece pin the listener to the wall with urgent riffing, barked vocals and a breakdown that Hatebreed would be jealous of. ”

“[7.5/10] First things first, this self-titled release from Northern Ireland upstarts By Any Means is an energetic little hardcore tussle that grabs you by the throat and shakes furiously until you submit and just go along with it. With beatdowns aplenty and a generally positive message delivered in the cloak of hardcore immediately draws comparisons to Hatebreed. There’s also plenty of appeal here too for fans of say God Forbid and even more old school groups like Agnostic Front while those bored by the current crop of identi-kit metalcore bands should hear freshness in By Any Means bullish delivery.”