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“True School MC Bvax Drops His 17-Track Sophomore Solo Album “B-Boy Summer””

“CHICAGO SUN TIMES INTERVIEW- Old-school sensibility lives in Endangered Species ENDANGERED SPECIES CD RELEASE PARTY, WITH STEPH STAA, URBANIZED NOIZE *10 p.m. Saturday *Gunther Murphy's, 1638 W. Belmont *Tickets, $10 (includes CD), $7 (no CD); (21-over show) *(773) 472-5139 They are guardians of an age in hip-hop when having 74 Honda scooters was something for Special Ed to brag about and having a Bentley wasn't even a thought. Then again, Special Ed did also have an island of his very own, as he declared on "I Got It Made." "We are an endangered species because we're pure old-schoolists," says B-Vax, a member of Chicago's Endangered Species, a hip-hop quartet that will celebrate the release of its debut album, "Soul Brothers," on Saturday night at Gunther Murphy's. "We wear that like a badge of honor. I'm proud to be from that era.”

Dave Jukibiak - Chicago Sun Times

“Interview with Chicagohustlesmusic.com”

“Well seasoned in the art and culture of Hip Hop!”

“To represent Hip-Hop means you put the music before all else. This album represents that better than a lot of what's on the radio.”

Nathan Jones - Itunes Ping

“In a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future. you have crated an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold... ”

Don Leshner - NumberOneMusic.com

“Huge respect for the music of freedom !!! Wish U All the Best and I'll spread the word about you! ”

Royce - NumberOneMusic.com

“SENSORY OVERLOAD is da bomb da hit RESPECT!”

Jim Collier - Numberonemusic.com

“Love Vax's smooth style and great beat selection”

sr. supersayian - Itunes review

“B.VAX Keeps is underground for the overground!!”

Dave Jukabiak - Chicago Sun Times

“The soul miracle child of the 70's!!”

Dave Jukabiak - Chicago SunTimes