Buzzhead Republic / Press

“Here's an EP that is interesting and unique, and I like that about it. It's grungey alternative that seems to have a touch of techno/industrial/new wave on most of the songs. New Wave Junk reminds me of The Cars, And Then I Caved reminds me of Nine Inch Nails as well as maybe Devo or PIL, and Shifter sounds spacey and noisy, as does Everything's Great, and there's some folk on My Brother the Cow, and back to that new wave sound for Giraffe Rider, but with a calming vibe as well, and the vocals remind me of Sonic Youth's cover of Superstar. Overall I'd say it's pretty cool, pretty upbeat, noisy, flowy, and I like listening to it.”

“I just listened to "Happyness" on your Sonic Yorkshires album and it's genius... I wanted it to go on for a 1/2 hour but's it's only 1 minute 25 seconds!!! You really left me wanting more. Brilliant.”

“...some industrial rock you don't get to hear outside of Nine Inch Nails, but I like it. I like it a lot!”

KAFA 97.7

“...stop wasting your energy trying to get a record deal, because it isn't going to happen. ...It is empty, it's repetitive, it's hard to listen to.”

arumdevil - Youtube

“What the world (of music) needs now. Experimental, with thought.”

“...nice try, but your music is empty.”

davemorphine - Youtube

“Fresh, deep and off the beaten track - good stuff”

“[Regarding A Buzzhead Republic] ...in all, it's a pleasant ethereal adventure reminiscent of some of the experimental punk jazz stuff coming out of Northern California in the late 1990s...Emotionally deep and textural with reverb effects, it's a definite listen!”

“[Regarding A Buzzhead Republic] The album is very good. A definite grower. Particulary good are "How it goes", "Buzzards and Dreadful Crows", "I think I'm being followed", "Tomorrow". The music is very loose and open - giving a Sonic Youth feel.”

“After the Success of the Moldy Peaches and a return to simple stripped down guitar based tunesmithery it is nice to see others in the same frame of mind. Something like a mix of acoustic Nine Inch Nails and the afforementioned Peaches.”