Buzzard Wagon / Press

“..."the songs “Shit Outta Luck” and “Hillbilly Hooker” are absolutely awesome!.. There is no bullshit here."”

"Buzzard Wagon is getting quite a "buzz" (pun intended) in their neck of the woods-- They have a solid rockin', slightly hillbilly-ish hybrid thing going on, that rolls like a wide-open Freightliner Semi..."

"Hi-octane, balls out rock-n-roll... like Nashville Pussy on crystal meth"

“Buzzard Wagon has a raw and real approach... While blending rock, punk, country and metal, the group holds nothing back and does nothing under false pretenses”

"... a heavy band with some sassy southern seasoning thrown into the mix!"

““These guys are determined to feed the audience the red meat that’s been missing from their rock n’ roll diets for the past twenty years.””

“Here's a band I wish I could have had as an In Studio Guest ~ Love the energy !!! KICK ASS ! Cori Cash, KCLAFM.com DJ The man in Black's Kin folk”

Cori Cash - KCLAFM.com