Butta B Rocka / Press

“Smooth Like Butta!”

“From National to International!”

“This artist makes you get carried away! When you hear the word butter you think of smooth and creamy. Not too salty but just sweet enough! That’s exactly what you get when you get “Butta B-Rocka”!”

“Music is the harmonious voice of creation and an echo of the invisible world. Music is meant to shape the world and the people behind out. Music has shaped Butta B Rocka in many different ways. ”

“Why We are the ATL: Over the past 15 years Butta has grown as a diverse artist in various capacities that very few artist are able to accomplish: background vocals, demo recordings, and stage performances; along working with a diverse mentioning of artist from various genres: TLC, Nas, rock group Collective Soul, country singer Zack Brown, Japanese star Namie Amuro, Belgium megastar Sandrine, and countless other talents across the globe.”

“Who is Butta B’Rocka? “Butta B’Rocka is a Pop/Rock Artist; striving for the best, and not letting anything get in her way. She’s got her eyes on the prize!””

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“Switch Lanes, is a funky and musically diverse album that is refreshingly different from the repetitive nonsense we hear on the radio. I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. If you like to straight rock out on one hand and hit that dance floor the next, I mean if you came to have just have a good time, then congratulations! ”

““She is undoubtedly a main ingredient that’s been missing from the recipe of entertainment."”

“You seen it here first "Switch Lanes" Video Premier: Butta B.Rocka - This video is smoking hot, literally smoking hot!”

“Pop/rock singer, songwriter, vocal producer, and dancer, Butta B-Rocka, celebrated her debut album, Switch Lanes, on Wednesday, March 24. As an exclusive event hosted by Fort Knox, the album release party was held at the Artist Factory,”