Burn This For Your Friends / Press

“Smell something heating up? Sure, you’re probably trying to put two and two together here: Burning, friends, reggae and rock ‘n’ roll . . . But what’s really cookin‘ for this Corona-based outfit is something more along the lines of the technological variety, involving optics and lasers.”

"4 words: The. Best. Band. EVER."

Meredith Jane - One-Love Publications

"I weep with sweet tears of ecstasy every time they are even mentioned!"

Clide Rothsdale - Unity Is Not a Lie Records

"...I'm having their babies"

Meg Anne Fox - Burn This Forever Inc.

"Surely, it will be shown, that Burn This For Your Friends WILL save the ENTIRE World from certain demise"

Nostrodamus - The Prophecies of Nostrodamus