Burn the Gallows / Press

“Burn the Gallows: An Alternative rock band made up of Andres Cardenas (vocals), David Cardenas (Lead Guitars), Dee Jarvis (Bass Guitar), Lars Kocherhans (Rhythm Guitars), and Aaron Cordes (Drums). BTG is a vortex of hard rock energy; spitting out wicked riffs and skillful, captivating rhythms. From which, the crowd had no desire to escape. Think Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, with bits and pieces of 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park and Disturbed mixed in for extra flavor and flare. Especially in ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Distant Stranger.’ A cover of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’ was executed well, with the crowd singing and jumping along.”

“Notably standing out, the next act was other local band Burn The Gallows. With more of a heavy rock sound than the rest of the bill, they sort of remind me of Crossfade with a little Digital Summer thrown in. I like Andres Cardenas' voice, especially his infrequent growl.”

“To be honest, hearing their CD without knowing who they are, could make one wonder if they’re listening to the new secret album of known bands such as Three Days Grace or Breaking Benjamin. Undeniably one of Salt Lake City’s finest bands. Need a new rock band to listen to? Then this would definitely be one to consider. Snag a CD and try to listen only once.”

“The first time I heard this song , I wasnt sure what to expect while the intro played and the first chords rang out. Then the vocals came in with a solid guitar riff backing it I instantly changed direction of thoughts , I was actually impressed great vocals and writing on this bands part. I actually listened to it twice back to back , very memorable song - NOW they have a video go like this band”