Burn Sun Burn / Press

"...Todd has a fantastic Baritone voice with some midrange that perpendiculates your arm hair when he decides to kick it in." "...he is finding lyrics sucked from his soul that ignore Iambic Pentameter." "...you have to be there to catch the subltlety. Any of you who have Scandanavian roots will understand. Todd's vocal bands are stretched to the max...a huge thoracic breath is carrying the anguished message blocks away? But when he gets to the redemption phrase? His voice drops to a high energy softness. The Scandanavians invent the understatement."

Paul Reinertson - Paul's Modest Musings

“Todd's music is a wonderful blend of acoustic/rock with a fresh lighthearted sound blowing through your soul like a wind in the rocky mountains. The vocals on this cd are without a doubt some of the best I have ever heard. Todd is like the lead guitar in a rock music song, mixing with the music to create a simple yet powerful sound. The poetry of the lyrics are well written, they hit your soul right in it's soft spot sparking emotions to the surface. This music is a little hard to push into any one genre, with its ever present acoustic sound mixed with a pop/rock and folk you might just be listening to a new type of music. I had to include a photo of Todd because he looks like my little brother Rich. This didn't influence my review in any way since my brother can't sing and Todd can sing his heart out and more. I would recommend this CD to anyone that want's music that moves your emotions. ”

Bill Messick (aka Dark) - New Artist Radio

“Todd Helvig - Distill (2007) I've saved Todd for last because... well this type of artist can be really hard to describe. He has a classic rock voice. But his songs are far from that. They are passionate acoustic pieces that don't draw us in with hooks, but with the... passion (there's that word again). It almost feels like these are classic rock and roll songs turned acoustic. Bring on the band and you blow out the doors. But I like it better this way. Todd bares his soul for us, and you don't get that with leather and two drum kits. I'm willing to bet that he is one to see in concert. If you're in the Colorado area, you can check him out live, otherwise, you can pick up his CDs at http://www.toddhelvig.com . ”

Bruce - The Promise Live 365

“You are one of the few artists I've heard (and I've heard 'em all) that manages to pull off a simple acoustic (a guitar only) as the stage for your wonderful music. I simply loved the melodies, your voice, the arrangements, and the way your music made me feel. Your voice is astounding! I was amazed! I was hypnotized! And I thank you for that! - You should be a star! ”

Doug Newsom - BBS Radio