Burning Tree / Press

“Another St. Pete band, Burning Tree, has opened local gigs by national acts like Ballyhoo! and Passafire. They now play around the Southeast, and their forthcoming album Grinder was produced by Passafire singer Ted Bowne. "St. Pete's really a cradle for what we do," said Mike Fratone, 30. "Everybody seems to really enjoy it, and we're never hard-pressed to find gigs."”

“Best of the Bay 2012 - Readers Choice - Best Local Reggae/Ska Band”

“Socially-conscious and introspective lyrics surf on distorted guitar swells that build and curl around crashing drums, which all help build the rip tide of reggae rock on Burning Tree’s new Oppressive Heat EP. With a very Sublime-inspired ska-punk sensibility (ala tunes like “Ebin,” “Under My Voodoo” and “Burritos”) the aural vibe of Oppressive Heat rides like an aggressive, choppy day on the waves..... What's stands out most about Oppressive Heat is Burning Tree’s impressive lyrical skills. Too many reggae rock groups fall back onto the easy (and hackneyed) subjects of chicks and drinking, but the Bay Area band seems to have a natural knack for crafting songs that reflect on the issues of everyday people with style and heart while not coming off as pretentious. The five tracks on Oppressive Heat work together as a cohesive, island-tasty whole and in a live setting, should get any crowd on their feet dancing and in primo party mode.”

“A few weeks ago, we reported the surprising news that St. Petersburg reggae-rock band Burning Tree had reached the finals of a nationwide Battle of the Bands contest sponsored by 7-Eleven. Their prize: A chance to open for N.E.R.D. in New York, and the opportunity to win $10,000 and more fabulous, fabulous prizes. Click here to read all about it. Well, it turns out the big day is finally here. Tonight, Burning Tree will open for Pharrell Williams and company at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York, and you can watch it happen. Click here to see the concert streaming live on Facebook, starting at 8 p.m. After the show, you can vote for one of three bands to move onto the next round (hint: you should vote for Burning Tree). The three other finalists are The Welcome Home from Portland, Ore.; Northpilot from Chicago; and News Team Assemble from Dallas.”

“If you had to pick a band from the Tampa Bay scene that might be plucked from obscurity to open for a national headliner in New York City, Burning Tree would probably not be it. That's no slam against the St. Petersburg reggae-rockers, who play a tight, fun-loving breed of beach-rock in the vein of Sublime, 311 or Slightly Stoopid. But even they didn't think they had a shot to win a nationwide Battle of the Bands contest sponsored by 7-Eleven. And just like that, Burning Tree is about to start living the fast-paced 7-Eleven lifestyle. The company is flying the band to New York, where they'll open for N.E.R.D. at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Aug. 16. This is a nice boost for a band that's finishing up a new EP titled Oppressive Heat, which they'll follow up with a full-length album in 2011. It'll be even better if they win -- the grand prize for winning is $10,000 and the chance to be featured on WolfgangsVault.com.”