Burning Condors / Press

“The four-headed lovechild of the Sex Pistols and the Strokes: dirty, diabolical and downright brilliant.”

Rick Pearson, Evening Standard music critic - Evening Standard

“...dirty, and dirty in a good way. When music conjures images in your mind it is the best feeling, and this has bottles of American brand liquor and cigarettes all over the floor of those images.”

“Literally just got the nod on this and I’ll be buggered if this hasn’t had us wide eyed in admiration. Found stirring from out the bottom of a glass of bourbon at the end of a bar at the last chance saloon, Burning Condors’ debuting platter ’Honey Trap’ rumbles wearily to a skin scratched raw and tempestuous smoked blues soul scalped scowl, a howling and haunted victim of a love no more that’s crippled and cropped with searing harmonica shrieks and a death rattling off centring torch-a-billy boogie all bleached in a despairing detail that ruptures and weeps to a grizzled late night bar hogging table gathering of Gallon Drunk, Flaming Stars and Godfathers types. An album is currently stewing for tentative release early next year.”

“It all feels a bit like the post-Libertines scene from a decade ago, but that generation has grown up and there’s a new one waiting visceral guitar music like this.”

“Burning Condors have distilled the essence of the blues...and forced it through a modern art punk filter to come up with something fresh and new. Imagine Nick Cave sipping whiskey with John Spencer in a Hoxton dive bar.”

“Knockout is 150% old-school hot. Slinky to the point of slithering out of the speakers…Excellent”

“a rollicking freight train, a rumbling mass of raging guitars and rapid drums. Lead vocalist Tommy sounds like the resurrected soul of blues itself.”

“...a blistering visceral assault, exploding with energy and garage rock fuzz...”

“...the blues roars and the heart bleeds on a debut single seeping with drama.”

“...a rough around the edges Jake Bugg.”

“...part Bowie, part Barat...that firm but dapper, somewhat dreamy delivery takes you in.”

“...what Blur would have sounded like if they grew up listening to Nashville Tennessee’s own Carl Perkins.”

“...the perfect soundtrack for any good night of love making.”

“...transported me right into a David Lynchian dark dreamscape...”

“...a real bluesy, rootsy London band.” “I can’t wait [for the album]!”

“I hope it’s on the jukebox the next time I get into a bar fight...”

“...blues-punk par excellence...”

“’Honey Trap’ is a sleazy, dirty piece of ‘sure-fire hit’ Rock ‘n’ Roll and Americana.””


“...raucous, frenetic, raspy and ragged.”

“If you’ve ever wondered what rock ‘n’ roll would have sounded like if punk had come first, this is your answer.”

“Those who aren’t familiar with these lads need to be and the ones that are will know just why.”

“...one of the best covers of 'Folsom Prison Blues'”