“ Burn Both Ends is a trio out of Austin, Texas comprised of Clifford Litwornia on vocals and bass, Matt Stanger on guitar, and percussionist Luis Villasenor. With elements of metal, grunge and avant garde this talented group of musicians has combined their creative drives and the end result is the album Buried In Ash. Owing to influences such as Metallica, Tool and various other hard-hitters in the music world, Burn Both Ends has perfected their own haunting sound complete with disturbing imagery and ethereal instrumentation. “City of Troy” is one such example of the lyrical darkness that Burn Both Ends is capable of, and Litwornia’s vocals are deep and deliberate, adding to the overall essence of menace. The track is not all darkness, however. Litwornia’s delivery during the chorus is in pleasing contrast to the heaviness of the rest of the song, and Stanger’s guitar work positively screams.”

Rhonda Readence - ReviewYou

“. The percussion is solid and this is a perfectly balanced piece of music. It is clear from the first track on the album that Burn Both Ends is tight and they have tapped into a deeply rooted sense of creativity. “Cheater” hits a bit harder with grinding guitar chords and a fast tempo. The solo by Stanger is absolutely intense and even veteran guitar players will be enthralled by his mastery of the six string. Litwornia’s vocals range from an in-your-face delivery to melodic screaming. And, yes, screaming can be melodic, as Litwornia proves here. “Triptych” is a whole new animal, and the ethereal and otherworldly essence of this piece will take the mind to some new place. Artistic and vivid, this track contains elements of Tool, but with a signature Burn Both Ends twist. Instrumentally, the piece is flawless. The intricate composition is fascinating and this epic storm of musical brilliance is perhaps this band’s finest accomplishment so far. ”

Rhonda Readence - ReviewYou

“Buried In Ash keeps rolling with “Peyote,” a semi-melodic track with a sinister edge. The sound is extremely well done and the song itself is arranged with precision and performed with skill. Lyrically, the piece is vivid with imagery and the rhythm is executed wonderfully, with pregnant pauses throughout that add character and strength to the song. “Morgue” is perhaps the weakest link on the album due to its slight discord. Listeners will sense something the barest bit off with the rhythm and the vocals here, and whether this is intentional or not, the overall essence of this track is one of controlled chaos. ”

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“The closing piece is “Ecdysis,” and it is a dramatic affair with blazing instrumentation and barely controlled vocals. It is full of energy, screaming guitar work, and pure talent. Buried In Ash goes out with a bang on this one, and the closing song contains elements of every asset of what makes this band unique and original. Buried In Ash is not your typical album and Burn Both Ends is not your typical band. If you want canned and radio friendly music, listen to the radio. If you want something totally innovative and full of creativity, this album is a must-have. Reviewed by Rhonda Readence Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) ”

Rhonda Readence - ReviewYou