Bunnybrains / Press

“This is acerbic and nonsensical, skippy and frantic, and pretty damn disturbing at the core—and pity to anyone who'll never know it”

“nose-thumbing, willfully tuneless, acid-damaged, psychedelic noise unit very much akin to early Butthole Surfers or San Francisco’s legendary Flipper—not something likely to make the playlist of your local Clear Channel franchise.”

“upping the ante on rocknroll stupidity to nearly unreachable peaks with shows that started out at total meltdown and proceeded to use electricity as torture.”

Bruce Miller - Pittsburgh City Paper

“virtually the missing link between the 80s arsequake of the Butthole Surfers, Big Black and Happy Flowers, and the 00s brainquake of Animal Collective, Sunburned Hand Of The Man and Wolf Eyes”

Marcello Carlin - Church of Me

“Led by one Daniel Saxton Bunny, from Danbury, Connecticut, The BunnyBrains are funny, druggy, soggy, groggy, grungy, dingy, and still engineer chaos to this day,”

Grant Purdum - Skyscraper

"feral freak-act" "head-scratching mindfuck circus show" "Beefheart disciples"

Justin Stewart - Wire

“Inhabiting a zone where punk, trash, metal and noise don't so much co-exist or overlap as simply engage in rough and sticky genetic interchange”