Bum Theary / Press

“One of the dopest, freshest Hip Hop acts coming out of the DFW. Consisting of Theary aka Edgar Allan Flow and Merkury aka Penjamin Franklin. These cats rock breaks and samples with raw production, delivering a performance that stands out from most Hip Hop acts in the DFW area...They can flow over pleasant melodies with raw lyrical rhymes, and drill the crowd with energy. These artist's are sure to carry you on a lyrical journey that will leave you feeling a state of euphoria, tuned into it and wanting to hear more. ”

Turntablist David "D Teknics" Flores

“Which brings us to the next group, my friends and colleagues Dallas/Lewisville/ATL/FW, Human Resources with the new addition of Dj D.Teknics. For their first show together, the culmination of MC's to Dj was as if this wasn't their first show, the transition from song to song was seamlessly blended, even with minor mic complications, the quadrant performers still did a quality job of rocking the stage, with positive energy and a motley array of vocal tones to accentuate D.Teknics turntablism, it was a lucid harmonious medley.”

Tay Spewcataclism - Spewmedia