Bully Pulpit / Press

“Armed with a new drummer (and a new van), Bully Pulpit plans to hit the road in September. Their high-energy, slightly disgruntled rock could easily inspire audiences and colleagues along the way.”

“I have heard nothing but rave reviews of Bully Pulpit and their high-energy, rock n' roll performances, and their album is nothing short of just that. The album features 9 guitar-heavy, fist-pumping tunes that sure to get you off your feet at a show and away from the bar between whiskey shots.”

"Locals Bully Pulpit opened with a solid set of riffage, rhythm, and hectic hollering. Powered by heavy-hitting drummer Lawrence John and bassist Kelly Burt, their high-energy bombast worked mostly off of guitarist Rex William Stickel's Les Paul cacophony and singer Edward Enword's (a.k.a. Danny Kavanaugh) sneering delivery. Most of the set of originals thumped with cranked-up, carefully distorted tones and the same boogie-woogie stuff that inspired early works by the Kiss, the MC5, the Stooges, and AC/DC. Loud and noisy in the best way. Stickel somehow managed to switch from rhythm and lead guitar parts, sounding like two players at once. Enword's animated, punk-inspired stage presence reminded me of Iggy Pop's wide-eyed, confrontational style crossed with the Jesus Lizard's David Yow convulsive physicality. It matched the music's aggressiveness. More than a few tunes seemed inspired by the guitar intro of Kiss' "Detroit Rock City."

T. Ballard Lesseman - Charleston City Paper