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“Back on the Sophie Lancaster stage Bull Riff Stampede are a late replacement on the bill following a last minute withdrawal, but they are not just here to make up the numbers. A furious assault of thrash hostility hits us for full on half an hour, if this is the future of British metal then bring it on!”

“Dave and Jay deliver a Master-class in how to play thrash, with their guitars rolling along, combining the more brutal Bay Area sounds and a pinch of Teutonic thrash. This is a real development from 2011's 'Scatter The Ground' both in terms of sound and song writing. You sense that 'System Shocker' would not have had the legs earlier in the band's career, nor would the brilliantly technical opening to 'Lone Ember' been so well balanced in a song that doffs its cap to Gojira and Mastodon but is not a slavish copy of their sound - And, that is the key to this album. Bull-Riff Stampede have managed to refine their sound, take what could be formulaic, draw in influences, add a distinctive British edge and allow the sound to flow.”

“You have to listen to truly appreciate just how good this album is. The heavy bass orientated groove rumbles on underneath some seriously heavy guitar riffs and you cannot help but bang your head along. It’s almost like someone has taken metalcore, injected it with thrash and got rid of the clichés and other crap what comes with it, leaving a real powerful creation in its wake.”

“Bull-Riff are not a friendly band. Gama Bomb this ain’t, the focus is on aggressive and lightning fast metal with raspy, demonic vocals ranting over the top. It’s thrash that doesn’t give a fuck about skateboards and is more concerned with violence, anger and dying pointlessly. It’s stark, brutal and has more in common with the grim Teutonic thrash of Sodom or Kreator than anything from across the Atlantic. It’s also fucking great. The four lads involved are clearly firing on all cylinders throughout and the energy is infectious. It’s nasty as all hell but it’ll also incite plenty of circle pits and they’ve managed to get some ruthlessly efficient songwriting in there too. Anyone whose experience with thrash is limited to The Big Four though might want to ease themselves in with Evile first, as this isn’t so much being thrown in the deep end as it is jumping off a cruise ship with nothing but a pair of armbands and an inflatable duck to keep your head above water.”

“Bull-Riff Stampede are relentless and never hold back on Enraging The Beast, they have unleashed a ferocious, beer fueled, pissed off and angry demon in themselves and are ripping apart anything that moves, imagine a bunch of hungry wolves finding you alone and injured, and they tear you to shreds, this is what Bull-Riff Stampede sound like, that fierce animal that is on the attack, Enraging The Beast is a phenomenal album that rages on and never stops.”

“Enraging the Beast is a superb album, without a doubt BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE found a line between two distinct genres in metal and managed to stick them together like a jigsaw puzzle without leaving it messy. The influences from ‘80s thrash bands are far more visible but the twist that the four-piece give to the development of the genre is fresh and raw. If anything, Enraging the Beast has only given a slight glimpse of what is to come.”

“I've always descibed this band as being an ideal mix of Carcass and Testament. I'm very glad to say that this description still holds up after I listened to 'Enraging The Beast' over and over again (and trust me, you will listen to it time and time again!) This is a band with a very real sense of class that shines through their heavy, heavy sound.”

“There is no messing around on this masterpiece, making way for a thrilling escapade from start to finish.Brooding with frantic enterprise and riffs made of steel and bristling with all the great qualities of Thrash and Death combined.”

“Rest assured that Bull-Riff Stampede aren’t suffering from “second album blues”. Enraging the Beast has been worth the wait and I’m sure the songs will go down a storm live, too. Stand-out tracks include the opener and the closer, “Lone Ember” as well as “Bite The Nail (Reborn)” for its great run of Slayer-esque guitar solos.”

“Bullriff Stampede: If you like perfectly well executed Thrash Metal with Death Metal sounding vocals, there's no reason as to why Bullriff Stampede wouln't appeal to you. With debut album "Scatter The Ground" (2012) getting the band on both Bloodstock 2012 and 2013. This set will also be special as the band will be playing upcoming previously unplayed songs from their second album "Enraging The Beast" (which you can support now via the bands Patreon - http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/enraging-the-beast). One thing that is certain however is whenever Bullriff Stampede play a party is guaranteed to go off, and this is something that's not to be missed when they play Download this summer.”

“With no pretence or ******* around, Bull-Riff got straight down to business, delivering a bruising thrash onslaught. They're a tight, compact, powerful unit who have honed their skills through endless gigging and good old fashioned hard work. They finished tonight with a new track 'Mindless Heresy', and can only have enhanced their reputation. A reliable bulldozer of riffs and full on metal attitude. Bull-Riff Stampede will never let you down.”

"These guys are full on thrash-tastic and produce a death defying blow to all the senses"

“One of the UK's favourite's to come out of the new breed of Metal; BULL RIFF STAMPEDE hit's the stage and certainly has the much larger crowd ready for them. With their own unique twist on Death and Thrash Metal they hard people head banging from the first riff played, guitarists Dave Garnett and Jay Walsh proved why their becoming one of the biggest bands from England with their guitar style which would make Chuck Schuldiner jealous. BULL RIFF STAMPEDE performed tracks such as ''Enraging The Beast'' from their newest album and various song's from their debut album such as ''Thrashing Machine'', it is certainly impossible to not bang your head whilst listening to England's newest breed of Metal, you either must start a mosh pit or just headbang by yourself to the simplistic but extremely heavy riffs being played. The death/thrash gang proved that they are going to be the next big thing to get out of England with metal which is catchy but heavy enough to go into the extreme genre.”

“Bull Riff Stampede - fresh to the audience - delivered sheer heavy thrash metal, pile-driving and - a word that is usually not bandied about outside the clichéd magazine writers - brutal. The four-piece were focussed and forceful, drilling through a set based on their Scatter The Ground début and their recent Enraging the Beast -mighty and things that look simple are revealed as a deceptively complex arrangement heavy on the pace, heavy on delivery - we're certain they'll be welcomed back in heartbeat. Dave and Jay particularly accomplished front and center.”

“Bull-Riff Stampede (https://www.facebook.com/bullriffstampedebandpage) were a new name to many present (hence their second-on-the-bill status), but by the end of the evening their T-shirts and CDs were being snapped up like bloodied corpses before an army of thirsty zombies. Their sound is hard,heavy and aggressive thrash-death crossover delivered with dynamic double-kick drumming, thunder-inducing bass and riffs played at breakneck speeds yet as precise as a surgeon’s scalpel: the close harmonised guitars of Jay Walsh and Dave Garnett are overlaid by the barbaric vocals of the latter as the band brutalize their new Belfast fanbase into submission with a set that is as impressive an example of modern technical thrash metal as you are likely to see – and one which hopefully ensures that these lads become regular visitors to these shores.”

“Instead, the wanging in question will focus on the collaboration between Hourglass Promotions and Weymouth Pavilion, which has brought some great gigs to The Crow’s Nest bar in the Pavy recently and pulled off a blinder last Wednesday 29th with the concert featuring Sepultura, Bull Riff Stampede and Kill The Conversation, which nearly took the roof off the place and has Facebook and the like all of a twitter with tales of ‘best gig ever’ and suffering eardrums.”

“Bull-Riff Stampede – : Download Festival 2011: A poundingly heavy combination of thrash and death metal. When I originally checked them out, I had my reservations about how it would translate to a live show, but they didn’t disappoint. Plenty of nice shredding on display here. [7]”

“A new level of ******* hostility”

Great British Trendkill vol 2 - Metal Hammer Magazine

“With riffs so melodic they seem almost uplifting, this is melodeath at its most hyperactive. Based in Bristol, the four-piece are a whirlwind of fast paced brutality and serious heaviness. With a startlingly articulate singer skimming the surface of the bands assault and popping up at opportune moments.This works particularly well with guitars alternating between a serious groove and the already lauded melody line, giving tracks an unpredictability lacking in much modern metal. The execution of 2012's full length 'Scatter The Ground' is remarkably aggressive. A powerful blend of furious thrash with the angriest death metal ferocity. Devoid of pretention, everything knows its place with solos ending long before anyone gets bored and a new section presenting itself with flair. And yet they manage to produce enough elements to draw it all together with remarkable professionalism.”

“Bull Riff Stampede are a thrash metal, 100mph, hit you in the balls outfit who rocked the now much larger crowd and continued the high calibre of music we had become used to. Another band whose music seemed to get faster and faster and even had one chap in the crowd shouting out “faster, faster!” aiming his comment at the drummer whose frenetic beats really could not be any quicker. Bull Riff Stampede threw themselves head first into their music and I have read reviews saying “a whirlwind blend of thrash and melodic metal”. To be honest they are so right.”

“The future of British Thrash Metal, Bull-Riff Stampede. For a band that are only starting to emerge, having a mosh pit start to their intro track certainly proved to the occupants of the tent who didn’t know anything about Bull-Riff, that they were something special. When the band opened with ‘Bled to the Arena,’ pandemonium kicked in by their fan base. Throughout the set the mosh pit grew larger and larger which was a testament to the band’s skill at invoking a positive reaction from the audience. The band mentioned losing to Canadian power metal band Crimson Shadows at 2013s Wacken Metal Battle, but they were not bitter and said they were just grateful at the chance to represent the UK. The band played ‘Advance and Conquer,’ when frontman Dave Garnett mentioned the song was about beating cancer, the audience cheered and started to chant ‘Fuck Cancer,’ the band uniting the entire tent with one statement. The band finished with their most famous song, ‘Thrashing Machi”

“We get there in time to see Bull Riff Stampede. The local group has been making a few waves recently – not least of which was their appearance at Bloodstock last week and they evidently have the drive, ambition to get themselves heard. They have the songs too, “Advance And Conquer” and “The Pit March” posses everything a thrash band needs to succeed. They are about to record a new album, so this bull is one to watch.”

“From hard rock we headed to the meaty thrash meets melodic death metal British up an coming bombastic Bull-Riff Stampede. The brutal shreds and shattering riffs battered and bruised the frenzy of bodies below them as they tore through a blistering set as the power hungry chords mixed with ear shattering screams and growls was just the right flavour for what to expect for the rest of the weekend.”

“One of the bands we’ve been trying to catch for a while now, Bull-Riff Stampede were pretty much top of the list of things to do on a Thursday night in a field in Derbyshire. Another hard working UK band that seem to gig pretty much constantly, they came to Bloodstock on the back of an apparently triumphant appearance at a small European festival.. Think it was called Wacken or something… Bull-Riff Stampede hit the stage flat out, and when frontman Dave Garnett bellowed “Bloodstock, are you ready ?? WE ******* ARE !!!” there wasn’t anyone in the packed tent who doubted him. You know when you really like a band’s recorded stuff, but live they are at a whole other level ?- Well that…exactly that. Well out of all the young British bands we saw on the Sophie stage in 2013 it was the Bull-Riff lads who are the ones poised for the next level, and one day in the future to take the walk across the Bloodstock arena to play the main stage. I’ll be the one in the photo pit, hea”

“If you’ve been to a decent festival this year the chances are that Bull Riff Stampede have been playing it. It’s well deserved too as they’re a great band who are putting the work in, week in – week out, on the road. During a weekend that isn’t exactly short on the odd thrash band, Bull Riff do well to get in their early and smash the audience with their own brand of heavy, speedy and no doubt throat-ripping thrash. Opening with their epic intro and some familiar tracks such as ‘Bled to the Arena’ and ‘Central Embodiment of Evil’, Bull Riff don’t mess about. They depart the Sophie Stage beaming that they are “Proud to be British” and in the knowledge that they’ve left the crowd in no doubt who the most rampant and heavy band of the night will be.”

“Back to the point. Thursday was the time to arrange our work for the weekend – which we did, while sinking vodka (mixed with Lucozade – yes – Lucozade), beer, cider, and anything else we could get our mitts on. With vision slightly hazy, but a clear plan arranged, it was time to head to the Sophie Stage just in time to catch Bull-Riff Stampede, who set a clear tone for the weekend: chaos. A mix of thrash and melody, they were a great choice to play on Thursday, and the crowd steadily grew and grew as more metalheads made pitch and made for the party [8]. It’s great to see that the Sophie Stage is much larger than it used to be, which will hopefully prove attractive to future acts, and the sound in this tent for the most part of the weekend seems to be drastically improved over previous events.”

“But then it was on for the bands, well the only band I saw was the almighty Bull-Riff Stampede, a band with some much groove and stage presence it is hard not to be both taken aback and then completely obliterated. Completely commandeering the Sophie stage, you can’t help but feel this band could easily be on the main stage and I’ve no doubt in my mind whatsoever that they will be! BULL RIFF!! BULL RIFF! BULL RIFF!”

“If there’s one band that seem to be everywhere at the moment, it’s Bull-Riff Stampede. I first saw them at Hammerfest V, then supporting Beholder on the Order Of Chaos tour, and now at SOS Festival. As a result of their relentless touring, they are a well-oiled machine. A slick, lean tour de force. All of tonight’s songs came from their ‘Scatter The Ground’ album. There is a new album in the pipeline, but tonight was the ‘Best Of’ set. As well rehearsed as they are, there are still no signs of complacency. Rod Boston’s basslines are thunderous, James Perry’s double bass drums pound relentlessly, the guitar work of Jay Walsh and Dave Garnett is fast, complex and captivating, and on top of it all are Garnett’s screams and, in equal measure, growls. They may have toured the arse out of this album, but you still see glints in Dave Garnett’s eyes that show he, for one, is loving every damned minute of it!”

“Bull Riff Stampede - Never has a band's name so tightly fitted their approach. From the outset the onslaught began, and never once relented. Thrashing the audience into a frenzy at times, they dealt each song out with spit and venom. www.facebook.com/bullriffstampede”

“Mit Bull Riff Stampede tritt eine britische Thrash Metal Fraktion an, um mit ihrem Zweitwerk „Scatter The Ground“ den etablierten Bands das Fürchten zu lehren. Mit heftigen Riffs wird der Opener „Central Embodiment Of Evil“ eingeläutet und besticht zudem durch die ausdrucksstarken Vocals von Shouter Dave Garnett und findet noch eine vehementere Steigerung in „Thrashing Mashine“ ....”

“A vision takes to the stage – a bright, luminous green Gibson Flying V. They guy who plays this guitar had better be very good. Luckily, he is the front man to Bull Riff Stampede, who are all excellent, and as a unit create inventive, sharp and hard hitting thrash that cause the audiences Darkness Ale fueled brains to rejoice in the love of all things Metal. The are the band Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine wish they were. Amazing.”

“HAMMERFEST 16-03-13 - BULL RIFF STAMPEDE were an in-your-face thrash metal band only formed a few years ago and hailing from the south west/midlands. They show that thrash is still king and play a balls out set that is dutifully moshed and headbanged to by the assembled crowd. A storming set that sets them in good stead for their upcoming summer of gigs and festivals.”

“South-West metallers Bull-Riff Stampede have a sound that matches their name. A catatonic blend of thrash and melodic metal, the band play a raucous riot filled with aggression, power, vicious guitar lines and insane, heavy rhythms, all led by an articulate and impressive vocal.”

“It has all the best elements of Modern metal and sounds so perfectly polished you would not be blamed for thinking this was a West coast Thrash band. All the influences are their Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer to more obvious modern elements shown by bands like Lamb of God. Its fast, furious and very mosh pit friendly”

“The first song from ‘Scatter The Ground’ is ‘Central Embodiment of Evil’, and the heavy riffs instantly blow you away. Dave Garnett’s vocals are heavy and powerful, matching the technical guitaring and head-bang worthy riffs”

“The opening track on this album, entitled ‘Central Embodiment of Evil’ is an absolute ripper, and an excellent choice to set things rolling. If you’ve never heard these guys before, the track is a solid example of what to expect from them in terms of musical style, attitude and atmosphere. Kicking in with a crushing guitar riff that demonstrates some nice harmonies, the rhythm in the opening head makes me think of pre ‘Sacrament’ Lamb of God, likely down to Bull-Riff Stampede’s particular choice of guitar tones and accented string-bends, which are rife throughout.”

“Over on the Jagermeister Stage, Bull Riff Stampede [8] plough through a set of insanely heavy groove metal that takes its influence from the likes of Pantera, Lamb of God and At The Gates. Well, with a name like Bull Riff Stampede you wouldn’t expect them to play smooth jazz would you? Although it’s ambitious of them to ask a hungover, early afternoon crowd to split for a wall of death, amazingly they oblige. It’s the first time I’ve seen a crowd go from standing still to forming a wall of death in such a short amount of time. Read more at http://hangout.altsounds.com/reviews/157363-review-hammerfest-hafan-y-mor-holiday-park.html#PrmwZ5ylPdoY2JZK.99”

“Everyone who likes bands like "The Crown" or "Legion Of The Damned" with a bit of "Pantera" will like this band a lot. Bull-Riff Stampede crushes everything in its way!”

“within the opening 30 seconds of the first track of Bull-Riff Stampede's debut thrash/death metal album, "Scatter the Ground" - "Central Embodiment of Evil" made me feel like Uma Thurman from that scene in "Pulp Fiction" when she gets the shot of pure adrenaline. It grabs you by the throat immediately with a ferociously heavy, pounding guitar riff before descending into an awesomely demented bit of hard as fuck thrash. The impact it had on me was so startling I actually went back to play it again immediately after the first listen. Sure, I knew I had the rest of the album to review ... (click link to read full review)”

“Heavy thrash metal band BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE sent a wave of absolute destruction upon Nottingham supporters ears this evening 13/10/2012 at the Salutation Inn in support of the mighty FALLEN FATE. Bull-Riffs bassist Rod Boston commented “how great it was to see such support from our Nottingham crowd”. Blasting in with 5 waves of absolute hell BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE gave Nottingham something to think about whilst really rocking the crowd with powerful, face ripping metal. - Keep ya eyes peeled for BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE as they make their way across the UK destroying towns and cities as they go. Nottingham has been torn a new one following this mass onslaught of metal, who’s next!?”

“Thrash, Death and Classic metal elements all blended and perfected in to one pot to produce some devastatingly awesome metal tracks. Some of you may recognize the name of the guitarist Jay Walsh from his time with Blaze Bayley. I can honestly say when I read that he was in the band I though ok hang on is this going sound anything like the Bayley material? To my surprise no it was not, and I was pleasantly shocked upon hearing the speakers thrash out one onslaught of awesome riffs after another. There are some really interesting elements built in to the song writing structures on this album, one is the bombastic sound, the production is nailed perfectly. The drum sound is massive, thick guitar sounds, pounding bass and vocals that simply have to be heard to be believed. On the vocals is a crazed madman with a wide range of dynamics that screams that loud one minute that you’d think there is no way it can be topped until proved wrong a few moments later. Other ranges Dave possesses ar”

“As Mayhem battle away with a shoddy sound in the hot sun over on the Ronnie James Dio stage, newcomers Bull-Riff Stampede appear at 3:45pm in the darkened, sweaty confines of a surprisingly packed New Blood tent. . Judging by the large crowd gathered to witness them in action, word has obviously spread about these promising new thrashers and from the moment they let rip from the opening bar of music, and over the course of half an hour, their namesake becomes evident and justified. Never has a band name been more apt as their thrash/death approach, topped off by the scathingly growled vocals of Garnett, transmutes their moniker to sonic form. And their thirty minutes of riff-heavy stampede is the perfect injection of vivacity a fatigued festival crowd needs in the middle of the afternoon on this second day of Bloodstock. The crowd love 'em and, looking at band members' reactions, they love the rapturous response they receive. An amazingly”

“I kid you not, this is fever pitch, I am doing my best fly catching mouth open, owl impression. I think the guitarists have 8 fingers on each hand and the drummer has some hidden arms, or there's two of them beating the shit out of those skins. Yes, this is the first outing for Fox being crushed into utter submission. The name says it all, It is indeed like being underneath a stampede of ten tonne, 8 legged angry Bulls. What stands out for me is the dual vocal style that Dave Garnett is capable of, mixed in with the downright filthy crunching riffs and classy melodic rhythm backing. This is metal in its purest form. Feel proud boys, feel very proud. I want them to play all day but I don't think my neck could take it, but I still want them to play all day.”

“Bull-riff Stampede live up to their name, trampling through the appropriately titled “Thrashing Machine” and imploring the audience to “open it up, mother*******”. And they do just that, creating one of the bigger pits I saw all weekend on the New Blood stage. (GL)”

“Word has it that Bull Riff Stampede are one to see over at the New Blood Stage and judging by the amount of people gathered to see the band, clearly the word has spread. It doesn’t take long to realise why there’s been such a buzz as They let rip a thirty minute set of balls-out thrash that sees heads banging, some healthy circle pits erupting (including a one that includes Bloodstock organiser Simon Hall) and shit-eating grins all round. This band is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future. JH”

Jason Hicks - soundshock.com

“Bull Riff Stampede were one of the bands I'd heard good things about before the festival. Did they live up to expectations? Hell yes - in fact they by far exceeded them with one of the best sets of the weekend on the New Blood stage. They're certainly the only band I saw there to get a circle pit going, and certainly the only band to get Beholder/Bloodstock man Simon Hall taking a break from work to wreak havoc in the circle pit! A band that we're going to be hearing a lot more from over the next few months/years.”

“Bull Riff Stampede pulled in a decent crowd considering the iconic Mayhem played on the Dio stage at the same time. The growls and screams of the vocalist were performed incredibly well; the guitarists were having a blast and the bassist was easily pulling his weight with some powerful chords. The drummer was thrashing the kit to an inch of its life as the catchy riffs really helped their cause with the support they were holding.”

“Back to the New Blood Stage for a brief sighting of Bull-Riff Stampede. The band feature ex-Blaze Bayley guitarist Jay Walsh but it’s actually Walsh’s previous band Fourwaykill who Bull-Riff Stampede have more in common with. Taking a more aggressive thrash approach the band are razor sharp with Dave Garnett’s vicious scything vocals unrelenting throughout. A packed tent bodes well for the band’s future and on this performance it looks bright. Bull-Riff Stampede setlist: Central Embodiment of Evil / Bled To The Arena / Raze / Minotaur / Ten / Pit March / Thrashing Machine”

“As you would expect Bristol thrash merchants BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE (9) are much more in your face and from all the bands at the Perfect Storm look like they could turn up tomorrow and support the likes of Exodus and Municipal Waste without breaking a sweat. 'Thrashing machine' is a pure neck snapping journey into all that is good about thrash and if they weren't too busy throwing themselves over the top of each other the crowd would surely be bowing down to the best British thrash band since Evile. Bloodstock will only be the beginning.”

“If I had to choose one it would be the might of Bull Riff Stampede who not only had the biggest crowd of the weekend in the tent but also had festival promoter Simon Hall starting a pretty magnificent circle pit!”

“Opening with Central Embodiment of Evil there’s one thing clear from the off, these guys mean business! Opening with a hammering riff accompanied by some pounding drums, we’re soon launched into a rolling mix of drums, roaring vocals, hammering guitars and rumbling bass – it’s a hell of a sound. I love the hard hitting sound which these guys have gone for, and it’s only the first track! Thrashing Machine continues, this time opening with dramatic sound effects of a blood bath in progress before demonstrating once again why they’ve achieved what they have in their short time together. Powerful, fast and based firmly in the thrash side of things, this is a no holds barred assault on your ear drums from start to finish, showing that when speed and distortion are combined there’s no stopping it! More intense than the first track, this one soon grabs your attention once again and pulls you along for the ride making sure you’re not missing a single second of the heavy sound”

“Bull-Riff Stampede... What a name! You know exactly what to expect from them too: riff after riff after riff of apocalyptically heavy Thrash Metal. This is some of the finest music you can find on the underground circuit – Bloodstock have pulled off a coup with this one. Their debut album ‘Scatter the Ground’ hits like a tsunami with cleverly written tracks and merciless pace which pummels you relentlessly. Ex-Blaze Bayley guitarist Jay Walsh and frontman Dave Garnett combine to forge some furious guitar work, playing light-speed leads and solos off of each other. Their rhythm section is top notch too with the atomic drumming of James Perry and the devastating bass lines from Gabry Ravaglia adding to the destructive mix. - This is some of the best modern Thrash Metal around right now and if playing Bloodstock can help to get their name out, we can expect big things from them...”

“...onward to the New Blood Stage where Bull Riff Stampede lay in wait. There had been a bit of a buzz going round about these and I was told to check them out and check them out I did. “Hey” I think to myself, “I recognize the bass player, he set fire to me”. True, that, he did. To be fair I think I dared him to. Anyway, putting immolation to one side I decided to see what these lads had in store. Looking around it seemed the buzz had spread around the place as the New Blood Tent was RAMMED. A full on thrash attack half hour followed with Metal To The Masses organiser and New Blood stage production manager Simon Hall right in the thick of the circle pit with a face on him like a kid who’d been mainlining Sunny D and eaten his own body weight in sherbet. The infectious nature and quality sound had the rest of us going at it as well, at least if we weren’t in the pit we were banging our heads to the infectious (Bull) Riff Stampede before us”

“First of all the name, Bull-Riff Stampede, has to be one of the coolest names for a metal band ever, and it’s quite a suited name for their death metal influenced style of crushingly heavy thrash. Scatter the Ground is Bull-Riff Stampede’s debut album, a 46 minute epic made up of hasty aggression, power and exuberance that is created by using an onslaught of vicious guitar lines, insanely heavy rhythm sections and one of the most brutal, yet articulate voices in metal. The UK has a tendency to spawn forth so many vicious bands but there is something about Bull-Riff Stampede that sets them apart from the masses and makes them a name that people will not forget. Tracks like the foot stomping bounce of ‘Bled to the Arena, the powerful driving anthem ‘Thrashing Machine’ and the ferocious ‘Minotour’are all highlights of the album in which aggression is at the forefront of this musical assault and when they are played through speakers at full volume really will blow your ear dr”

“Sepultura/Bull-Riff Stampede/Kill The Conversation - Weymouth Pavillion Theatre 29th june 2011- The next band on were Bull-Riff Stampede and I had heard some good things about them, so I was looking forward to seeing whether they lived up to my expectations. The frontman was a great showman and got the crowd riled up; meaning the first proper mosh pits of the night got going. Sounding as if they have influences such as Machine Head and Bullet For My Valentine, there was some big riffs and the band were lapping up the reaction to these. There was a cry of “show us your horns” which got a lot of hands in the air, and a wall of death that took place right in the middle of the room which created a great atmosphere.”

“Next up were The Bull-riff Stampede, who took to the stage to unleash their own dose of metal. Taking influences from both the new and the old, they pulled together a thrash dominated juggernaut with a technical edge giving them a unique sound. After two long hard years of work they went through their set flawlessly - it was hard to believe that it was only their second ever show together. Recognition for the four-piece is growing, with a date with Sepultura recently announced. Their debut release Scatter the Ground is a 46 minute metal journey, which translates live almost perfectly. If they are in your area they should definitely be checked out, their sound and enthusiasm set the tone for a long weekend of rock and metal and gave the fans a real taste of what they are in for. Give them a listen here: www.myspace.com/bullriffstampede ”