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“My focus is on a better me and providing a safe situation for my kids future, by helping improve my community!!!! ONE STEP AT A TIME!!! Through music and living well I can do this!!!”

Anthony T. Wilson - Memoirs of a Bull

“The homie said that he would pray for me and God will see me thru it. Told me keep my focus put that energy into this music. I felt a chill off of simply Gods will, not expecting that God would even grant me his protection. See that devil had me occupied with all his trickery grinding but I'm getting tired sleep don't exist to me. Maybe I was born a legend my story's history.”

Anthony T. Wilson - Memoirs of a Bull

“When the Sun don't shine the whole world seems cold. The mind of the scary get bold. I don't ever change, I'm a beast whether day or night, hard times come I always find a way to get it right, not afraid to fail cause I always keep a back up plan. Use to like to act an ass now I'm tryna stack up fans. Everything I do is for the name my babies carry that. Sick of hearing doubt when I'm just tryna get my pockets fat, pass it to my kids cause I no longer ride for only me. Educate them well so they can grow up making history. Isn't he the same cat that stayed in some trouble nah I was just a kid who's only option was to hustle. Plus I hated being dead broke So let em judge me I won't stop until I'm dead folks.......”

“Bet I got my weight up Focus on the future profits still chasin' this paper I don't sleep much cause I'm always contemplating my next move I humble after I get it cause I was raised to bless my food!!! Thank you for my talents but lord just keep me balanced. Help me control my attitude so my kids don't see me wilding. I am only human, but I'm persuing something immortal. Cause folks will wait til you die and then want to support you!! Damn I'm amazed with the things I've learned. Although I'm proud of the money I've earned, where the hell is my family guess they'll say them bridges been burned........”

“LIfe is easy Living is easy You just have to want to......”

“I aint tired but Im angry put this energy to muzik. I don't flex but I'm the best of all and well equipped to prove it....”

“Trying to see better, I ain't trying to break even! I got a plan as long as I stay breathing, paranoid thinking cause I ran with them demon!”

Bullseye - Get it By Any Means Necessary


Anthony T. Wilson - Memoirs of a Bull

“Thankful mama had me now it's up to me I'm after WINS!!! GRIND FOR IT!!!!”

“Tears fall daily but only warriors survive. Graduated to be a leader for my squad I will provide. Can't lose! Why? Cause I'm winning just to be alive in the positives in the morning as soon as I open my eyes......(Church)”

“Early in the morning I'm up praying for better days, breakfast like a King, kiss the kids and let them run and play...”

“LIVE like KINGS to DIE like GODS!!!”

Anthony T. Wilson - Memoirs of a Bull