Bulletsize / Press

“I honestly haven’t heard anything new lately that has impressed me nearly as much as this band has. Even my husband, who is so picky about Metal these days, enjoyed this CD! I give some extra kudos to Niklas Gidlund. With his tireless and ferocious drumming, he could give KRISIUN’s Max Kolesne some competition. In fact, I think I would like to see BULLETSIZE on a tour with KRISIUN and AMON AMARTH. My neck would be broken by my own doing at the night’s end! A live BULLETSIZE show is surely nothing less than kick-ass.”

“I guess this is why BULLETSIZE have managed to put forth such a good and varied album. “The Apokalypse” is the band’s sophomore work and since the guys have been playing together for quite some time they had the time to evolve their music and create their own personal sound. What this album showcases is a band that uses melodic death metal as the foundation of their music, which, however, they expand with the addition of some elements from other music genres. Thrash metal is the other most prominent genre in their music, but they also enrich their compositions with plenty of classic heavy metal riffs as well as with some ethereal female vocals in a few songs.”

“Tracks presented on their EP a couple of years ago are also to be found on this new record, while the addition of other songs it sounds more mature and completed. On this full-length the songs are more Death Metal orientated. The vocals are growling, harsher and angrier, while the riffs are catchy and the drums are perfectly balanced and much up-front. The whole material is a bit groovy, but without loosing the necessary aggression, vehemence and Death Metal sonic assault. To times the band even delivers some technical overtones, mixing melodic and classic metal with more aggressive and powerful tunes.”

“Bulletsize-"The Apokalyspe" Promo Edition 2011 Death/Thrash from Sweden ,killer riffs and a corrosive angry vocals ,10 tracks of pure fast metal ,really took me by surprise coming from a band i didn't know before.Technically skilled metal.”

“All together it is a solid release showing a band that clearly steps forward with this release. It indicates the band might be very interesting to see live and that is always a plus.”

"The Apokalypse" ci mostra una formazione in salute, una derivatività forse marcata in alcuni tratti che dovrebbe venir smussata o rielaborata per dare maggior personalità a una proposta, quella dei Bulletsize, che si muove in un mare ampio e ricco di prestazioni mediocri su cui potrebbero spiccare.

“It is always hard to judge a band that only offers app. about 15 minutes of music, with no lyrics printed and no further promotional info. However; their approach and enthusiasm is obvious… this is Swedish school of thrash/death when its best. From strong and powerful vocals, over insane and hellish drumming, towards raging guitar riffs; it’s all here. ”

“Der Titeltrack als auch das folgende „Handmade God“ erweisen sich dabei als gute Mischung oben angeführter Grundsubstanzen: Thrash meets Death! Was sich auf den folgenden beiden Liedern zwar nicht grundsätzlich ändert, dennoch ist „1000 Deaths“ eine Blastnummer allererster Güte! Hier wird geholzt was das Zeug hält, aber nie stumpf! Die Band versteht es sehr gut in diese Speed- und Hassattacke noch genau die richtige Portion Melodie einzuflechten. Mit „Alone In The Dark“ gibt es dann einen famosen Mitgröhler, dessen Refrain mit wechselnden Leadstimmen mal tief rausgerotzt, mal klar gesungen daherkommt, während jeder Refrain dann mit cleanen, mehrstimmigen Vox endet. Nicht unbedingt superoriginell, aber extrem effektiv! Kann die Band dieses Niveau auf einem Longplayer halten, dann gibt’s sogar noch einen halben Punkt mehr! http://www.bulletsize.se 7,5/10 - SBr ”

“Østersund har begynt å få litt sving på sin locale scene der i midt-Sverige, med bl.a. dødsmetallbandene Sanctification og Aeon. For Bulletsize så er de enda i startfasen egentlig, selv om de har holdt på i seks år. Den litt selvgjorte debuten kom i 2008, og nå er de på jakt etter noe større og ”The Apokalypse” er deres nye promo EP. ”

“Den avlägsna G.A.F.F.A.-scenen, en bra stund innan mörkrets intåg, känns helt enkelt inte rätt. Bulletsize tycks visserligen inte bry sig nämnvärt, då de direkt från starten bjuder in den glesa publik­en på sju person­er och uppmanar alla att skrika. ”

“Kvaliteten höjs avsevärt när Bulletsize kontrasterar med en brutal och övertygande furiös thrash och själv uppskattar jag en teknisk hantering av instrumenten som man inte blir bortskämd med under kvällen.”