Bulletproof Snow / Press

"These young musicians come off like seasoned pro's. Their writing is hook laden and powerful. With each performance their star rises. Keep an eye out for BPS in 2014."

“These guys are definitely making waves due to their songwriting and charismatic live performances. Vocalist Trey McLaughlin is natural front man. Flanked by Jacob Yacobelli, Matt Coon, and Connor Cheney they create a band that is incredibly impressive. Fresh from their victory at the Rockstar UPROAR contest these guys are on a roll. We look forward to seeing them perform in the near future and watching their rock and roll careers grow.”

"I'm so impressed with this band not only because of how young they are but how good they are for how young they are. Keep an eye out for this band, their future is bright."

“I see Bulletproof Snow as a diamond in the rough, with an amazing amount of potential. As time goes by we will no doubt hear more from them. I also would not be surprised to hear their music on the Radio someday or even in a video game a Reality TV Series or headlining the Warped Tour. In close, most famous artists out there have “it”. I’m not so sure what “it” is but Bulletproof Snow has whatever “it” may be.”

“Punished for my Innocence by Bulletproof Snow has everything: good chops, entertaining songs, heart felt vocals and music that covers a lot of bases – Punk Rock, Alternative Rock to straight up Rock. At the end of the day these guys are probably a total riot to check out live or in the studio. The Bottom Line WARNING - Listening to the Bulletproof Snow will open your eyes to the possibilities of what could be.”

"This debut 4 song musical teaser from "Bulletproof Snow” delivers hot new music from Michigan and is a solid musical statement from start to finish. Its strength – the raw song for song intensity that keeps coming at you. The music is clean yet gritty, rock solid, heavy and consistent. Like a heavy weight fighter this EP packs a powerful punch, and goes the full 12 rounds with no sign of letting up. Like a 1-2 punch the songs keep coming at you, one after the other until you’re ready to tap out. What am I trying to say? "Bulletproof Snow" rocks - that’s what."

"Trey McLaughlin is by far, the most talented young guitar player I have ever heard...I would expect nothing short of greatness from him... He has an unlimited future in music! And he can sing too!!!"

Harry Rodman, drummer for The Bluescasters (Michigan’s premiere blues band) - Personal Quote

“Trey McLaughlin: He is a true artist and music is his calling. It just falls out of his pockets like magic dust.”

Randy Wayne Sitzler - SESAC Songwriting Award Recipient - Personal Quote