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"The Bullbuckers are an incredible band and their latest release, When Push Comes To Shove, is just as amazing. I've heard a lot of bootleg reggae/ska bands in the past year, so I knew right away that The Bullbuckers were exactly what people mean when they say that "the cream always rises to the top." Grade: 3.9 out of 4.

“Enough Zip to get an entire bar moving”

“This is a band NOT TO MISS live. Give it a go, but be sure to catch them on tour, we will.”

"Those under the assumption that Reggae-inspired music has seen its apex, will find themselves quite wrong after a listen to The Bullbuckers. With a clear understanding of the genres they utilize, tight instrumentation and clever, approachable lyrical matter; they are carrying the torch for upbeat, fun, island-inspired music."

“the band honors the days when Jamaican Ska flowed out of tiny transistor radios from Montego Bay to Kingston. Ska music, with its chopped guitar chords, full organ notes and horn lines that act as harmony ruled Jamaica in the early ‘60’s.”

"Easily, one of the most terrific sounding bands out there in the music scene, Bullbuckers has crafted several popular genres of musical influences into a powerhouse..."

“THE BULLBUCKERS got a lot of musical know-how and some get-up-and-go… a new era of raw punch in contrast to the synthesized pop of these times”

"... absolutely blew me away and I heard similar comments from other ska fans at the show. They were tight as hell and had such great energy! I'm now adding them to my "instantly blown away" bands list" Michelle Ska, NYCSka.com 2013

“Vocalist Kevin Tarzanin really has an incredible voice... they easily invite the listener to a band that feels like they are the only one listening. That aside, these songs fall into the party, let’s go outside on the deck on a summer night feel.”

"I Think you guys are amazing, and you can quote me on that!"

"This band has been ripping up shows and gaining considerable respect on the east coast."

“If you have the opportunity to see The Bullbuckers play... definitely do it--you'll have a great time!”

"The Bullbuckers' Ska sound has propelled them to the top of the Delaware music scene."

“Top-notch musicianship is the hallmark of the Bullbuckers”

Roger Hillis - Maryland Beachcomber and Salisbury Daily Times

"A fusion of soul-searing and foot-stomping music - ska like you've never heard it (unless you were living in the Islands in the 60s), soul and a tinge of hip-hop. It's a Wilmington sound that has roots - and fans - round the globe."

Joan Davis - The Examiner

"This six-piece group with a horn section is like the ultimate party band. Whether they are playing reggae or another style"

“As my half-assed equation will probably indicate, I don't listen to a lot of reggae, but after reviewing reggae-punk hybrids Authority Zero and Ballyhoo! a little while ago, I accepted the opportunity to check out some more and expand my mind a bit. I have been told that I was probably supposed to be high as fuck while listening to this album, but as it is, that warm, brass-heavy sexiness did the job even running on sobriety. Apparently their name roughly means someone who commands attention, and that's a fair title to claim for a band responsible for the unmistakable groove-like sensation tingling its way through my body. For a veteran of the genre, the odd lyrical cadence and Jamican-inspired beats are probably par for the course, but for a newcomer, it's infectiously happy. Do your soul a favor and try it on for size.”

“Winner of the 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes for the Delaware Valley in 3 categories 2012: "BEST BAND" "BEST LIVE ACT" "BEST HORN SECTION"”

"Bullbuckers are one of Delaware's most revered original bands"

"Last year, we dubbed The Note in West Chester "The Next Big Music Venue." And they have delivered. Backed by Donnie Moore (formerly of Rex's) and Bam Margera (Mr. Jackass himself), this spot has hosted both big names and local faves like The Bullbuckers"

USA Today


Spark Magazine

“JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST FINALIST WINNER 2012 IN WORLD MUSIC CATEGORY: For the song "Time" * Judged by Sean Paul, Bob Weir, The Bacon Brothers, Jessica Jerrell, Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas), The Veronicas, Natasha Bedingfield, Jesse Harris.”

“UK Songwriter Contest Finalist in Two Categories, Semis Finalist in Two Categories. 2013 * Judged by producers Kipper Eldridge (Sting), Stuart Epps (Elton John, Oasis), and Richard Niles (Paul McCartney). "These are excellent and outstanding results and scores from one entrant. Remedy and St Patty's Day were very carefully considered for winning positions in their categories by the judges. There were over 6,000 entries this year and we are pleased that Kevin Tarzanin achieved such impressive results in this year's event and wish Kevin every success in the future as a songwriter. ”