Bukshot / Press

“Download Bukshot's BRAND NEW CD Helter Skelter feat. Krizz Kaliko, Twisted Insane, Stevie Stone, Aqualeo, Sutter Kain, KidCrusher, T-Razor & Demi Demaree for FREE at: http://bit.ly/125SeXg”

"Buk brings to his live shows what a lot of rappers take for granted, an energy they won't put out because I guess they don't deem it necessary."

Haystak - The Courier-Journal Newspaper

"Bukshot is everything you want in an up-and coming music artist. He's got talent, street smarts, and business instincts to go with a work ethic that's second to none, and he's done a lot on his own. I really respect that."

Kevin Richardson - The Backstreet Boys - The Courier-Journal Newspaper

“Bukshot and Li’l Wayne now have at least one thing in common. The Louisville rapper will be released from prison Dec. 2, and is scheduled to perform at Phoenix Hill Tavern Dec. 4 to celebrate the release of his new album, “The Problem.” Manager Frank Karaglanis says the bulky emcee has lost 120 pounds. “He is a new man with a new look.” The Problem features guest appearances from Code Red and A. Lee. —Mat Herron”