Bugs in the Dark / Press

“The future of New York City music.”

The Deli Magazine

“Bugs in the Dark are doing their best to fill the void left by Sleater Kinney and the Pixies. Surprisingly, they're doing a bang-up job.”

L Magazine

“Bugs in the Dark can do what all those post-punk revivalists did five years ago by prettying up the raw material of their era of choice, which for these guys is early 90s alternative/noise....go to their Myspace for a sweltering track called “Ave M” that builds into something Sonic Youth should have put out on Dirty to break out into that post-Nevermind alt-rock hype machine, if James Iha had been behind the recording console doling out harmonic minor scales and ignominious advice. Oh well. Too bad for SY, it’s 2008 and Bugs in the Dark are doing it now.”

Impose Magazine