Buffalo Jones / Press

“Starting out the night of music Friday evening was Buffalo Jones, an impressive rock outfit from Spokane, Wash. The audience, most clearly there for Roger Clyne (the many sombreros in the crowd told that story), were honestly appreciative of this talented quartet. Buffalo Jones' guitar player, Brandon Humphreys sure helps make this a band to watch, offering up rocking, tasteful lead lines to fine original tunes.”

“Local band "Buffalo Jones" opened with their signature sound and got us ready to rock in grand style. These guys are so fun on stage! They are one of my favorite indie bands and can't wait to hear all about their four city mini-tour opening up for RCPM on the road! It's their first time out on a road trip as a band. I wish I could have stalked them the whole way! I could write a book about that. Oh, wait...I already did :D ”