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“Singer, Songwriter, Musician Bud Mickle launched his CD release at Tommy Rocker’s Mojave Beach Bar and Grill and enthralled the crowd singing his CD compositions at a live concert. Bud Mickle’s talented voice ranges from melodic soft whispers to loud wails. His CD takes in many human stories and as Bud Mickle sings, his passionate emotions ring true. He sang with no backup, only two different guitars and appeared in a cowboy looking outfit. His CD is titled: Bud Mickle - My Cross To Bear.”

““Bud is one of the most talented and passionate singer/songwriters to have ever played our Tommy Rockers venues.”

Tommy Rocker - Tommy Rocker

“Tommy Rocker casually walked to the stage, and said a few words about the guy we were all there to see and listen to, ending the intro with, “Bud is one of the most talented and passionate singer/songwriters to have ever played our Tommy Rockers venues. He’s truly a Las Vegas treasure. Take a listen, I think you’ll enjoy my buddy.” Mickle, dressed casually in Levis, sang with a deep soulful voice, as he played his guitar. “My Cross to Bear,” is his new CD, which follows his earlier CD, “Soulful Reunion.” Bud sings only his material in both CDs. Two of his new songs are really good listening, “This Side of the Dirt” and “Bella Savannah.” And, as most readers know, I love the dirt (being an off-road racer for nearly 20 years). Mickle, incidentally, is a native Las Vegan, attended UNLV, and, when not at Tommy Rocker’s, can be found playing and singing at the Pioneer Saloon. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this guy a lot!”

“Bud Mickle wears many hats – and not just the one on his head this hot summer’s evening. He took the stage at Tommy Rocker’s and handled his guitar like cherished partner in a slow dance. He looked just like a regular guy – and then he opened his mouth. The seven-song My Cross to Bear is Mickle’s second album, after 2008’s Soulful Reunion. A talented singer/songwriter/musician, Mickle is blessed with a versatile voice that can handle bluesy ballads or rock riffs; yes, he can be soulful, too.”

“What a phenomenal song "Dance with Me" is. Your vocal delivery is outstanding!”

Douglas Neckers - Reverb nation

“Hey Bud , It's good to hear ya! "Dance With Me" Powerful!!Superb Music,”

Digee - revrb nation

“Hi Bud, what can one say,"Dance with Me",musical virtuosity, sheer CLASS, respect from Marie”

Marie Sinclair - Reverb nation

“dude!! you are one helluve singer songwriter...you got it all.. the whole package............phrasing, melody, lyrics, vocals...............well, maybe you could be a little prettier LOL.........you are awsome...best of luck to you!!....billy t”

Billy T. Scrapper/WATERIZE - Reverb nation