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"The Space." This is a new and improved and more adventurous Buddhahood, I tell ya. But don't pay me no mind, let the nine chunky tracks on this pleasure platter testify further with each spin. The album opens with no surprises on the track "Rise," a textbook B-hood treatment of the old one-drop. From there it expands to include some Muscle Shoals shuffle, a little bit-o-Latin love on "Temptress Eyes," and the getup, get down of "Froba," which has that sweatshirt-lurking-at-the-bottom-of-the-hamper funk. There are enough songs on here for those who want it classic in The Buddhahood's established and masterful world beat aesthetic. But there is some branching out in many shiny directions here. It's a new day. It's a new Buddhahood.

"Keeping Tony in our hearts and minds and at the forefront of our spirit as a group has helped keep The Buddhahood alive. Celebrating his musical legacy — and his January birthday — has become an annual tradition.” – Buddhahood bassist Rick Whitney

“585 Magazine article about Annual January THAW Concert! (pick up a copy at your local retailer) The show pays tribute to Tony Cavagnaro, founding member of The Buddhahood, who died in a September 2007 car accident. The annual concert is a celebration of Tony’s life, music, and January birthday. “Keeping Tony in our hearts and minds and at the forefront of our spirit as a group has helped keep The Buddhahood alive. Celebrating his musical legacy — and his January birthday — has become an annual tradition.” says Buddhahood bassist Rick Whitney. Proceeds raised by January Thaw go to the “Tony Cavagnaro Young Musician’s Scholarship Fund” to benefit Hochstein School of Music and Dance. “Tony not only loved to write and perform his own music, he was a tireless mentor to his guitar students and to young bands just learning the ropes. The scholarship fund helps continue that legacy,” says Cavagnaro’s widow Jan Milliman.”

"This album is a cool, mellow-down affair and isn't nearly as dangerous as the band is live. But it still reels in the smiles as it tempts you to get up and get down."

“I haven't written about Buddhahood in a while, and in fact I've never written about the version of the local band that I saw later that night. What an incredible show. Still in the throes of assorted line-ups, this version rocked steady, rocked hard, and rocked out in not so much a hippy jam but a polyrhythmic brass-tacular rock 'n' roll tempo tantrum.”

“Live Adventure "One of my favorite bands in town has to be The Buddhahood. Seeing them live is always an adventure ....the band can burst into something totally unpredictable & pull it off with utmost professionalism. The band, containing some of the best musicians in town, is a virtually unstoppable jumping feast for the ears."”

Freetime: Western NYS Arts & Entertainment Guide

“Funky "The Buddhahood has a funky, Afro-Caribbean-influenced rock sound that seems to draw inspiration from many sources, including reggae, ska, and even surf music, to create it's style."”

City Newspaper

“Poly Everything "The Buddhahood has bounded around town beating the drum - lots of 'em actually, djembes, dun duns, surdos, snare drums, bongos, congos, and tambourines - on a polyrhythmic spree for the past 10 years. Live, the band is an all-consuming and primal in the extreme. There is no resisting this throbbing, world-beat extravoganza. The band is known for frequently breaking the imaginary dam at the edge of the stage, spilling over into the audience in a procession of shimmy-inducing drums." -Frank De Blase”

Frank De Blase - City Newspaper

“On Saturday, January 30, the Buddhahood will be joined by Two Ton Ska and Roots Collider to celebrate the birthday, life, and music of their departed former frontman Tony Cavagnero. The event itself is named for the song January Thaw, written by Tony.”

“Threat and a Promise "Buddhahood, with eight pieces over from Rochester, sounded like an odd but wondrous blend of Rusted Root, Dave Matthews Band and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Yes, a horn section can work well with tribal beats and world rhythms. When they sang, "We're gonna make you dance," it was a threat and a promise...." ”

Syracuse Post Standard

“The Buddhahood "Toasty" We were lucky enough to get an advance listen to the jam filled, groove busting, reggae fusion. World beat collage of fun that the Buddhahood has always laid claim to, with Tony’s vocals taking front and center, leading the audience on a magic ride ”

Michelle Picardo - Freetime - words & Music 9-21-07

“Localized "I've figured out a solution to world peace. Call a special assembly of the Untied Nations, equip cargo planes with massive stereo systems to fly over the Middle East, and blare the new CD from Rochester party favorites, The Buddhahood"”

City Newspaper

“Defies Labels "Blending everything from rock to funk to Latin American to Middle Eastern music, The Buddhahood defies all labels."”

Insider: Rochester Remixed